The Fifth Stage of Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Project Begins

Fifth Phase Begins in Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Project
The Fifth Stage of Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Project Begins

Urban transformation in İzmir continues unabated with the principles of 560% consensus and on-site transformation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has also concluded the tender for the fifth stage of the Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Area. In this phase, approximately XNUMX independent units will be built.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAnother important step has been completed in the Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Area in line with the resilient city goal of . The tender for the fifth stage of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been concluded. After the evaluation of the financial proposals by the Municipal Committee convened under the management of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Barış Karcı, Okçuoğlu İnşaat Mühendislik Müşavirlik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. & Erensan Construction Materials and Construction Forest Products Industry and Trade Limited Company has been announced to win. The company will build approximately 560 stand-alone units in phase five.
The tender was held on 25 August 2022 at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Hall.

There will be 3 thousand 520 residences and 338 workplaces

When the project, which continues in stages in the Örnekköy Urban Transformation Area, where approximately 6 thousand people live, is completed, a total of 3 residences and 520 workplaces will be built. Within the scope of the project, a new two-storey market area of ​​​​338 thousand 4 square meters, closed and open parking areas of approximately 200 thousand square meters for vehicles, a sports facility building with a closed area of ​​​​30 thousand 3 square meters and social areas will be built. At the same time, 500 thousand square meters of green space and 68 thousand square meters of social reinforcement area will be added to the area with the project.

In the second, third and fourth stages, the construction works for 134 residences and 74 workplaces continue. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality delivered 130 residences and 13 workplaces to their beneficiaries in the first phase. The drawing of lots for the fifth phase, which includes 560 independent units, was held on June 8, and comfortable residences where citizens would live safely were determined in the presence of a notary public.

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