Empathy Trainings Started in the 'Share the Ribbon, Reach Safely' Project

Empathy Trainings Started in the 'Share the Series Trustly Ulas Project'
Empathy Trainings Started in the 'Share the Ribbon, Reach Safely' Project

Empathy trainings for cyclists started in the 'Share the Lane and Reach Safely' project, which was carried out in our city within the framework of the micro-grant program financed by the European Union and provided within the scope of the JAVŞAK Network studies. In Sunflower Bicycle Valley, trainings on blind spot, braking distance, and maneuverability of vehicles were provided by experts. Safe travel in destination traffic.

Trainings continue in the 'Share the Lane, Reach Safely' project, which was carried out in partnership with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Sakarya Cycling and Outdoor Sports Association, Sakarya Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Craftsmen and received grant support in the European Union. In this context, empathy training was held in the Sunflower Cycling Valley in order for cyclists to travel more safely in traffic, to create empathy and for cyclists to adopt the rules of bicycle transportation.

Cyclists got into the driver's seat

Within the scope of empathy training, cyclists sat in the driver's seat of articulated buses, minibuses and taxis. In the trainings given by road users trainer and National Cycling Referee Rüstem Kayın, training was given on blind spot, braking distance and maneuverability of vehicles.

Empathy, safety and visibility are very important in traffic.

UCI Elite National Cycling Referee and Project Coordinator Inst. See. Koray Cantez stated that cyclists wear helmets, wear visible colors in traffic, and wear reflective vests, especially when driving at night, as it is necessary for a safe ride, as well as increasing the perception of attention in their drivers and that they act more carefully when passing by. In addition, stating that helmets and reflective vests will be distributed within the scope of the project, Sakarya Cycling and Outdoor Sports Association President Şefik Akar stated that they organize public tours every week in order to increase the number of bicycle users and these tours are open to all our people.

Tranquility and safety in traffic

Yusuf İlkhun, the President of the Sakarya Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, who is the project partner, also supported the public tour with his son. İlkhun said, “We started our empathy trainings with cyclists. Next week, we will continue with the trainings for our drivers at minibus and taxi stops from our public transportation vehicles with routes within the city. We want all stakeholders to take part in traffic in safety and peace, respecting each other," he said.

Metropolitan closely follows bicycle transportation

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which created the Bicycle Branch Directorate for the first time in Turkey and became the project partner, accelerated its work in this field after the title of Bicycle City. Veysel Çubuk, Head of the Strategy Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the bicycle lanes and the needs of their cyclists are also included in the city's master plan, and that they are making various plans within the scope of sustainable smart cities studies. During the workshop held within the scope of the project, Bicycle Branch Manager Yücel İnce, who answered the questions of the participants about bicycle lanes and evaluated the demands, stated that the 'Share the Lane and Reach Safely' project creates an added value for the bicycle city of Sakarya and that they closely follow the project activities.

Empathy training for drivers begins

After the empathy trainings for cyclists are completed, empathy trainings for public transport vehicle drivers will start within the scope of the project. Within the scope of the activity, where the drivers will get on their bikes and pedal and various information will be provided, stop-by-stop visits will be made. Training will be given on the most common types of accidents involving cyclists, what needs to be done for accident prevention, and the rights of cyclists.

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