Decryptor Released for 'LockerGoga' Ransomware

Password Remover for LockerGoga Ransomware Released
Decryptor Released for 'LockerGoga' Ransomware

Bitdefender protects you from financial losses caused by malware with its free decryptor. LockerGoga, the ransomware family that encrypts the data of many large-scale companies in 71 countries and causes approximately 104 million dollars of damage, is among the most dangerous forms of the last period. The new decryptor offered by Bitdefender, which is completely free, saves both individuals and institutions from huge financial losses in the face of LockerGoga ransomware, which causes extensive victimization.

The LockerGoga ransomware family, which emerged in 2019, has encrypted the data of many companies in 71 countries to date, causing more than $ 104 million in financial losses. So much so that in 2019, Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro and French engineering firm Altran Technologies suffered huge financial losses in cyber attacks organized by hackers. Global cybersecurity leader Bitdefender has launched a completely free decryptor against LockerGoga ransomware, in partnership with Europol, the Zurich Prosecutor's Office and the Zurich Police.

Re-Access Your Data with Bitdefender LockerGoga Decryptor

Alev Akkoyunlu, Operations Director of Laykon Bilişim, the distributor of Bitdefender Antivirus in Turkey, stating that companies can significantly prevent ransomware attacks with the measures to be taken, said, “Securely checking links and attachments in e-mails, blocking suspicious e-mail attachments, creating regular backups, Implementing factorial authentication and keeping IT systems up to date are among the most critical measures for ransomware.” in the statements. “Since there are hundreds of different variants of ransomware attacks, it is unfortunately not enough just to have this decryptor that we offer.” Alev Akkoyunlu says, therefore, she warns that necessary precautions should be taken before attacks take place.

LockerGoga attacks are manifested by the presence of files with the '.locked' extension. More effective decryptors are needed for these files that cannot be decrypted with normal software. Bitdefender's decryptor tool scans the entire file system or a single folder to find encrypted files and perform decryption automatically. The Bitdefender decryptor tool can work both on a single device and on all networks encrypted by LockerGoga.

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