Cryptocurrency Theft Increases By 2021 Percent In One Year 516

Cryptocurrency Theft Increases Percent In One Year
Cryptocurrency Theft Increases By 2021 Percent In One Year 516

Cryptocurrencies, which have been adopted by a large global community in a short time, have turned into a new focus of malicious people. Cryptocurrency theft is known to have increased by 2021% globally in 516, while losses from crypto-related crimes grew by 79%. Experts warn investors against fake cryptocurrency exchanges and experts. Built on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies were quickly adopted by a large investor community all over the world as a decentralized and new investment tool. The crypto sector, which has experienced a rapid innovation process with the possibilities of the blockchain, has expanded its sphere of influence every year with the prominence of decentralized exchanges. The fact that the crypto money transactions carried out on the blockchain are not regulated and cannot be followed, did not escape the attention of the fraudsters. In the data shared by Chainanalysis, the data platform for the crypto industry, earlier this year, it was seen that crypto money fraudsters made a profit of 14 billion dollars. Losses from crypto-related crimes are known to have increased by 2020% compared to 79, while cryptocurrency theft also saw an increase of 516%.

Evaluating the developments on the subject, AztecGoldHero Founder and Cryptocurrency Specialist Ferruh Danacı said, “The concept of crypto money quickly became a sector and this situation benefited opportunists and malicious people. The fact that cryptocurrencies attract the attention of many amateur investors has made the job of scammers easier.”

Losses in 2021 are 2018 times more than in 60

Data released by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission at the beginning of summer pointed out that losses caused by cryptocurrency-related scams in 2021 were 2018 times the figure in 60. Noting that 46 people are affected by fraud and theft activities only in the USA, Ferruh Danacı said, “The absence of central authorities to detect and investigate suspicious transactions and try to stop fraud before it happens makes a powerful investment tool like crypto money open to abuse. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges. In our country, there have been incidents caused by fake exchanges such as Thodex, Vebitcoin, Bitexnova, Sistemkoin, and hundreds of investors have been victimized. Investors need to be careful about the stock market they choose to trade at this point. It is important to do detailed research before opening an account, to learn about the experiences of different users, to check whether the selected exchange is located in Turkey, and to find a legal interlocutor in a legal situation. Before starting real investments, it can be preferred to make test transactions with small amounts, to evaluate the performance of the support teams in this process, and to establish a relationship of trust with the cryptocurrency exchange.”

“Beware of so-called experts”

AztecGoldHero Founder and Cryptocurrency Expert Ferruh Danacı, who stated that not only crypto money exchanges, but also many so-called crypto money experts who produce content without knowing whether they are right or wrong about crypto money, concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Many people who introduce themselves as crypto money analysts focuses on making a profit in a short time and directs individual investors in this way. Beware of such pseudo-experts who produce baseless arguments with anonymous accounts. Just like in the selection of the stock market, it becomes important to do research in the selection of cryptocurrency analysts to follow. Investors should follow experts who evaluate the developments in the crypto money markets with their real accounts, clearly state that these are not within the scope of investment advice, and have managed to create a community. As AztecGoldHero, with our experience of nearly 10 years in the market, we can provide our comments in line with the trends of the market. YouTube and Twitter to thousands of individual investors. We frequently remind investors that they always make their decisions at the end of a rational process. We will continue to work for the ecosystem to move forward, believing that fraud cases in the crypto money world are possible with accurate information sharing and informed investors.”

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