Başpehlivan Doğan Has Been Long in Boyalı Wrestling

Baspehlivan Dogan Has Been Tall In His Painted Gures
Başpehlivan Doğan Has Been Long in Boyalı Wrestling

The Painted Wrestling Festival, organized for the 21st time this year by Dulkadiroğlu Municipality, broke records with the participation of spectators and athletes. Doğan Uzun became the chief wrestler in Boyalı Wrestling.

A total of 683 athletes participated in the competitions organized jointly with the Traditional Sports Federation. It was reported that the Turkish record was broken with this participation.

Dulkadiroğlu Mayor Necati Okay, who made the opening speech of the wrestling matches, expressed his satisfaction with the interest shown in wrestling.

Chairman Okay, in his speech, said, “We have brought a beautiful facility to this region, which we call the wrestler's bed. This sports facility, which will serve our youth and athletes living in the region, draws attention with its locker rooms, infirmary, unique grass field, wide stands, sports rest areas and social areas. This region of ours draws attention with its passion for wrestling and the valuable wrestlers it has trained.” said.

Junior Category champions: İbrahim Efe Ünaldı in 30 kilos, Cuma Hanolçi in 35 kilos, Hasan Dağlı in 40 kilos, Mert Semih Ünalan in 45 kilos, Emirhan Demir in 50 kilos, Rıfat Karaoğlan in 55 kilos Seniors category champions: Ahmet Gızır in 60 kilos, Hakan Kazci in 65 kilos, 70 kilos Ertuğrul Kahveci in kilos, Mikail Topal in 75 kilos, Nuri Temur in 80 kilos, Fatih Karataş in 90 kilos and Doğan Uzun became the chief wrestler.

Village wrestling category champions: Halis Kurt in 60 kilos, Halil Çınar in 70 kilos, Sadullah Kaydı in 80 kilos, Burhan Kaydı and Faruk Bal in 90 kilos became the chief wrestlers.

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