Büyükakın Examined Turgut Özal Bridge Doubling Study

Büyükakin Examined the Ozal Bridge Doubling Study
Büyükakın Examined Turgut Özal Bridge Doubling Study

Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, who examined the latest situation of the additional bridge in the Turgut Özal Bridge Reduplication and Road Construction work, which will relieve the entrance and exit to the Çayırova district over the TEM Connection road, emphasized that "We add comfort to the lives of our citizens by building new roads and bridges throughout the city." President Büyükakın said, “We put our heart and mind into everything we do. On the one hand, we continue to add value to our city, together with our people, with our services, works and projects, on the other hand, while we are a municipality of the heart. The Turgut Özal Bridge Ilima study, which we are examining once again today, is a good example of this.”


Çayırova Mayor Bünyamin Çiftçi and Deputy Secretary Generals of Metropolitan Municipality Gökmen Mengüç and Hasan Aydınlık, in addition to regional coordinator İbrahim Pehlivan as well as technical teams, underlined that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues transportation projects that will ease urban traffic with alternative solutions. President Büyükakın said, “We aimed to relieve the traffic in the region by constructing a second bridge next to the current single-lane round-trip bridge. Hopefully, when it is finished, it will also meet an important need of our region.”


Emphasizing that they have taken all kinds of steps towards the development of the city by saying, “Kocaeli is resolutely carrying out all its activities in line with the goal of a great and strong Turkey,” Mayor Büyükakın said, “We have a goal. This is a goal that is always rising and that does not stand still according to the requirements of the age. We are making great efforts to achieve success in our struggle to bring our country and city to the place it deserves. We continue to work tirelessly and tirelessly for our compatriots”.


When the project is completed, the road separating the Istanbul-Kocaeli provincial border will be crossed over the highway with a new additional bridge and reconnected to Turgut Özal Caddesi. Thus, vehicle waiting on the bridge will be prevented and a rapid traffic flow will be ensured. In the Turgut Özal Bridge Replication and Road Construction work, which is planned as two lanes, 2 thousand 195 meters of 2×2 divided road, 284 meters of 1×1 road, 64.70 meters long and 10.75 meters wide span bridge will be built.

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