99 Thousand Teachers Appointed in 20 Areas

Thousand Teachers Appointed in the Field
99 Thousand Teachers Appointed in 20 Areas

At the ceremony held at the Presidential Complex with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, 99 teachers were appointed in 20 fields.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the 20 Thousand Teachers Appointment Ceremony of the Ministry of National Education held at Beştepe National Congress and Culture Center and made a speech.

In his speech, Erdoğan said, “We have achieved a great transformation in the last twenty years by removing the obstacles that hinder the progress of our country in the field of education one by one.” said.

Expressing that he is very pleased to be with the teachers on these special days in terms of education and professional life, President Erdoğan said, “I congratulate each and every one of our 20 thousand teachers, who will be appointed shortly. I wish you success in your duties in advance from my Lord.” said.

Stating that the number of teachers will increase to one million and 10 thousand with the participation of the newly appointed teachers in the education army, President Erdoğan continued his speech as follows: “In 2002, when we assumed the responsibility of governing the country, this number was only around 526 thousand. 750 thousand of our current teachers were appointed during our term. Unfortunately, most of the lessons were empty due to the lack of infrastructure and teachers in our schools. Not only in remote areas, but even in metropolitan centers, our children were educated in extremely unhealthy, overcrowded classrooms.”

“We increased our education budget to 304 billion liras”

Emphasizing that they put an end to this picture where classes number 60-70-80 people, different classes receive education in the same classroom, and reaching a branch teacher is considered a luxury, President Erdoğan said, “As Turkey, we have achieved the OECD average in the number of students per teacher. We have almost completely solved the problem of courses that are missed or taught by teachers from different branches.” used the phrases.

Noting that they have increased the education budget from 10,3 billion liras to 304 billion liras with the last addition, and that they have increased the number of classrooms from 343 thousand to 613 thousand, President Erdoğan said: “We equip our schools with libraries, laboratories, study workshops and gymnasiums, and all our children's needs, from textbooks to auxiliary resources, are free of charge. In short, we have achieved a great transformation in the last twenty years by removing the obstacles that hinder the progress of our country in the field of education one by one.” he said.

Stating that they have eliminated the injustice against women, who were deprived of not only their right to university education but also their right to employment, President Erdoğan continued: “Today, 28 percent of our more than one million teachers actively working in our schools are women. Now, none of our public officials are forced to make a choice between their values ​​of belief and their business life, or their sensitivities and their profession. Anyone who wants to serve our country and nation can fulfill this duty freely, without any restrictions or injustices.”

“A three-dimensional breakthrough has been made in education in the last twenty years”

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer noted that a three-dimensional breakthrough has been made in education in the last 20 years.

Underlining that the first dimension is “to reach a level that can compete with OECD countries in schooling rates in education for the first time,” Minister Özer said, “The last twenty years is a period in which 90 percent of the education age population can find a place in education for the first time at all levels of education, from pre-school to higher education. In the 2000s, the preschool enrollment rate at the age of 5 was 11 percent, today it is 93 percent. The enrollment rates in secondary education were 44 percent, today it has risen to over 90 percent. Again, while the net enrollment rate in higher education was 14 percent, it reached 48,5 percent for the first time. While the OECD countries with which we compete today reached this rate during the Second World War, in the 1950s and focused on improving the quality of education in the last seventy years, unfortunately Turkey was able to participate in this development with a delay of seventy years.” he said.

Stating that the second dimension is the removal of undemocratic practices in front of education, Özer said:

“We all have very fresh memories… There were headscarves bans in front of education. Our girls and women were kept in front of educational institutions like pariahs in their own countries. Those who talk about violence against women today, did not say the slightest thing about the violence seen against our women that day. sözcüthey didn't say. Those who talk about brain drain today did not say a word when our women left their country to access higher education. Especially academically successful students were expelled from imam hatip and vocational high schools. As the headscarf bans and coefficient practices were abolished, not only our children studying in imam hatip high schools, but also our children studying in all schools were offered the opportunity to learn religious information such as the life of our Prophet and the Qur'an. For the first time, our headscarved teachers are able to attend classes. In other words, the last twenty years have been a period in which the human capital, which is the most permanent capital of every country, has been used with maximum efficiency, but all antidemocratic practices in education have been removed.”

Expressing his gratitude to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on behalf of all children and teachers for leading these processes, Minister Özer said the following regarding quality in education:

“Unfortunately, quality is used as a trojan horse in this country. Growth in education never has to be hostile to quality. Those who talk about quality today are those who blocked your children's access yesterday. Why was there a delay of seventy years? The tutelage centers saw cultural power only for their own children with an elitist approach. Under the leadership of our President, for the first time in the last two decades, the children of the majority of the people have been given the opportunity to challenge cultural hegemony and become partners by accessing education.”

Emphasizing that the quality of education has increased while achieving success in the two dimensions he pointed out, Minister Özer said that when looking at international student success researches such as PISA and TIMSS, Turkey will continue on its way by getting higher scores than before 2000 in every success survey it has entered in the last two decades.

Noting that the number of students per teacher has decreased while the education system has expanded in the last two decades, Özer said, “Although the schooling rate in secondary education was 2000 percent in the 44s, the number of students per teacher was over 40, and the number of students per classroom was still below 40 in the 50s. is above them. Although these schooling rates have risen to over 90 percent today, with the support of our President, the number of teachers in our education system has been continuously increased, reaching much lower rates than it was in the 2000s.” said.

“We will become much stronger with 20 thousand newly appointed teachers”

Stating that there are currently 19 million students and 1,2 million teachers in the education system, Özer said that these numbers are more than the population of many countries.

Özer continued his words as follows:

“While there were 2000 thousand teachers in the education system in the 500s, today we have an education system of 1,2 million teachers. With 20 thousand teachers who will be appointed today, this rate will increase even more. We will become much stronger.”

Özer congratulated the teachers who started working today and wished them success.

At the ceremony where a video about teacher appointments was screened, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer presented a gift to President Erdoğan. Then, the drawing number was formed with the numbers given by the nine people chosen by President Erdoğan from the hall.

After the lottery number was determined, President Erdoğan pressed the assignment button.

Sharing his excitement for the appointment with the teacher candidates, Erdoğan read the names of some of the appointed teacher candidates.

As a result of the assignment made according to the draw number in the electronic environment, the candidates who saw the cities and schools they were assigned on the screen in the hall shared their happiness by hugging their relatives.

Inviting some teacher candidates to the stage, Erdogan said, "Good luck." He said, “As of September 12, our teachers will start their duties. Therefore, we expect them at our schools on September 12.” used the phrase.

The results of the assignment can be accessed at pbs.meb.gov.tr/sonuc or turkiye.gov.tr/milli-egitim-sozlesmeli-ogretmenlik-atama-sonucu-sorgulama using their personal e-Government passwords.

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