With the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, the 7th Term of the First Opportunity Program Has Started

The Period of the First Opportunity Program Has Started with the Vision of Sevket Sabancı
With the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, the 7th Term of the First Opportunity Program Has Started

With the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, the 7th term of the First Opportunity Program, which is the first social investment of Esas Social that offers equal opportunity for newly graduated young people from state universities, which are less preferred by employers, in their transition from school to work, has begun. As of September, 50 new participants of the program started to work in various non-governmental organizations.

Since 2015, Esas Social, the social investment unit of Esas Holding, has been making sustainable and measurable social investments with the motto of “Opportunity for Youth, Investment in the Future” and produces solution models for the unemployment of educated youth. Adopting the understanding of diversity, equality and inclusiveness, Esas Social offers equal opportunity in the transition from school to work for young people who have recently graduated from state universities, which are less preferred by employers, with its first social investment, the First Opportunity Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, in 2016.

Within the scope of the First Chance with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı Programme, the salaries of young people employed in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are met by corporate supporters who share the vision of the program. Thus, the Main Social; While providing a solution model for educated youth employment, it also contributes to social development by providing qualified workforce to NGOs operating in many different fields such as education, arts, culture, humanitarian aid, environment and sustainable development. Program participants will work full-time for 12 months in the private sector departments of Turkey's leading NGOs such as corporate communication, finance and accounting, human resources, administrative affairs, purchasing, information technologies and resource development/business development. gains experience, receives more than 21 hours of training and development support within the scope of 250st century competencies with the First Opportunity Academy, and benefits from opportunities to develop mentoring and interview skills from managers of important institutions operating in different sectors. In this way, the young people who graduate from the program take firm steps forward in the career world as self-confident, socially responsible and well-equipped individuals.

Main Social; It has supported 40 different NGOs in youth employment with its program that also improves the civil society awareness of young people. This year, Mother Child Education Foundation, Aydın Doğan Foundation, Cevdet İnci Education Foundation, Darüşşafaka Society, DenizTemiz Association, Real Estate Investors Association, Habitat Association, Human Development Foundation, Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation, Business World and Sustainable Development Association, Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer , We Code, Maya Foundation, TEMA Foundation, Turkish Education Foundation, Tohum Autism Foundation, Community Volunteers Foundation, Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation, Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, Turkish Spastic Children Foundation and Yenibirlider Association and 50 more young people. Provides first work experience.

While the participants of the 6th period of the program continued their careers by gaining experience in NGOs and graduating from the Program in August, 7 participants who were excited to start the 50th term started their work in September.

The Şevket Sabancı First Opportunity Program, which accepts new graduates from state universities, which are less known by employers throughout Turkey, has received 23.000 applications so far. It also demonstrates its support for the issue.

Believing in the power of collective impact, Esas Social has developed a strong ecosystem of more than 3.000 people, including corporate and in-kind supporters, participants, mentors, graduates, NGO managers, HR professionals and trainers, around the social investment programs it has implemented. Esas Social continues to support young people in their professional lives by closely following the young people they have added to its ecosystem, even after their graduation from the program.

Emine Sabancı Kamışlı, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Esas Holding, stated that they are very happy to support promising young people in their development and gaining skills. “Recently, we organized a commemoration event for the 1st anniversary of my dear father's death. As I saw the participation in this organization and heard what was said, I realized that we, as Esas Holding, always keep our values ​​alive. Our social investment unit Esas Social has a great contribution in keeping these values ​​alive. We care about creating opportunities for young people and supporting their education, and we do our best for them to discover their potential and to be self-confident. We stand by the young people who step into professional life with the First Opportunity Program with the Vision of Şevket Sabancı, which we launched 7 years ago. This program enabled us to listen to the voices of young people and to realize their needs. It also helped us to have a huge family, including our Corporate Supporters, NGOs, mentors, and HR professionals. It is very valuable to join hands with the young people to whom we will entrust our future. This year, we are happy to offer 50 new young people opportunities and to accompany them on their career journeys. I would like to welcome our new members to our family. When you graduate from this program, which you started with enthusiasm, remember that we will be behind you as Esas Social at every stage of your career.”

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