5 Critical Cyber ​​Security Measures That Startups Should Take

Critical Cyber ​​Security Precaution That Startups Should Take
5 Critical Cyber ​​Security Precautions Startups Should Take

Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun, some of the cyber risks that Startups may face and the precautions they should take against these risks. It can be a long and challenging process for startups to build trust in their target consumers. In this challenging process, it is of great importance for Startups to be vigilant against cyber attacks. Hackers specifically target startups that they think will be inadequate in terms of security measures. Why is Cyber ​​Security Important for Startups?

Companies are heavily impacted by cyber threats and privacy issues. Research shows that companies that are not secure enough in terms of cyber security lose 87% of their consumers. This data, which is especially relevant to Startups that are just at the beginning of the road, reveals that new startups should also take cyber security measures. Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun, who stated that the security measures of the startups are not strong enough, opens a door of opportunity for hackers, and therefore, the Startups have become the focus of hackers. It provides information on the measures to be taken in order to

Why is Cyber ​​Security Important for Startups?

Startups, which have just started to build trust in their consumers, are becoming the new target of hackers. Startups that encounter cyber attacks and cannot fight against these attacks are losing a lot of blood at the beginning of the road, as they experience both financial loss and loss of reputation. New startups that have become impossible to recover after a cyber-attack need to take strong cybersecurity measures. Emphasizing that taking the right security measures in the first step of businesses is of critical importance to ensure long-term success, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun conveys 5 important steps that can improve the cyber security of Startups.

Get integrated internet security and firewall

It is necessary to use strong internet protection to ensure device and network security. Most antivirus software has integrated internet security and firewall. Using this software protects Startups from malware and phishing attacks.

Leverage cloud-based storage and backup solutions

Using reliable cloud-based storage and backup solutions means Startups have an extra layer of security. Securing cloud storage strengthens initiatives against breaches of sensitive data.

Use strong and hard-to-find passwords

Keeping track of the activities of startups team members is crucial. It is necessary to encourage each member of the team to use unique, complex and strong passwords. In addition, using two-step verification puts Startups in a position to respond to cyber threats.

Get security audit service from a trusted company

It is of great importance for Startups to identify security vulnerabilities before receiving security services. After identifying the vulnerabilities, Startups can obtain security auditing services from a trusted company to ensure that their operating systems and applications are securely configured. In this way, it allows the company to determine the cyber risks it has, and also enables the company to fight against attacks.

Build a cybersecurity culture

Startups need to train their team in the context of cybersecurity while they are still at the beginning. Creating a cybersecurity culture in the team plays a critical role in eliminating the devastating consequences of cyberattacks. Creating this kind of culture early in the process of building brand reputation and trust neutralizes many cyber risks.

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