Marked the 2022 FIATA World Congress

Made a Mark at FIATA World Congress
Marked the 2022 FIATA World Congress

UTIKAD, the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers, successfully carrying out its task of representing the Turkish logistics industry on international platforms, represented our country with a wide participation at the 12 FIATA World Congress held in Busan, South Korea between 16-2022 September 2022.

The last of the meetings that could not be held face-to-face due to the Covid-19 pandemic was held in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, in 2019. The congress was held physically in Busan, South Korea for the first time in two years since the epidemic.

The first two days of the congress, which started on Monday, September 12, 2022 with the motto Uniting for Global Solutions and lasted for five days, were reserved for working meetings planned for the institute and advisory board members. UTIKAD delegation also participated in the sessions, representing the Turkish logistics industry.

After the 'Welcome' reception held on the third day, the main meetings of the congress, in which the issues closely related to the logistics sector were discussed under 8 main headings, started. Continuing with meetings on logistics issues in South Korea and Asia, the third day sessions of the congress continued with meetings attended by young logistics professionals. On the last day of the congress, seminars on the recruitment processes of the new generation in the logistics sector and the problems encountered in maritime transport, the digital supply chain and the impact of geopolitics in international trade were held.

UTIKAD, the leading organization of the Turkish logistics sector with its 594 members, participated widely in the meetings in the congress in line with its targets for the development of the logistics sector in Turkey. In the Turkish delegation representing our country and our industry to the 2022 FIATA World Congress held in Busan, South Korea, Former Chairman of UTIKAD's Board of Directors, FIATA Senior Vice President Turgut Erkeskin and FIATA Honorary Member Kosta Sandalcı, Vice Chairman of UTIKAD Board of Directors and FIATA Extended Board of Directors In the UTIKAD delegation headed by its member Emre Eldener; FIATA Airline Institute (AFI) Member Mehmet Özal, FIATA Maritime Working Group (MTI) Member Cihan Özkal, FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI) Member Alperen Güler, UTIKAD Board Member Serdar Ayritman, UTIKAD Board Member Caner Aydın and UTIKAD Board Member Murat Gumusluol took place.

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