Imamoğlu's 'Extortion' Revolt: 16 Million's Rights Are Being Taken

Imamoglu's 'Extortion Rebellion'
Imamoğlu's 'Extortion' Revolt

Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan mansions, located on the coast of Ortaköy, with a total value of approximately 7 billion TL, are to be bought from IMM and transferred to the Treasury. IMM President, describing the desired transfer as 'extortion' Ekrem İmamoğluHe noted that the restoration of the mansions, which had been left to rot for 13 years, was prevented by law enforcement for 9 months. Informing Istanbul and Turkey on the boat from a point that sees the mansions in question, İmamoğlu said, “İBB is not accepted as the owner of our building, which has been occupied, damaged and damaged in front of our eyes. We can neither enter nor take delivery of the building. The lawsuits and initiatives we have opened one after the other due to unlawful transactions are unfortunately put on hold. No judgment is given in court. 16 million of our citizens have rights and laws here. It has 13 years of damage. Similarly, in Istanbul, where we revive, we bring back to life the areas that are about to disappear, we turn the decaying buildings into a home or the resources that are disposed of are turned into kindergartens, even one lira more help or money can be given to the children of this city, the poor, the poor and the poor. It is an example of how the administration, which is one in the effort of helping each other, is trying to usurp its resources here.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlushared with the public the process of taking the Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan mansions, located on the Ortaköy coast under the ownership of IMM, from the institution. Holding a press conference on the boat located off Ortaköy, İmamoğlu said, “Of course, I would like to come together to talk about a pleasant subject with you in this beautiful view of the Bosphorus and in this beautiful environment. However, the day after tomorrow we do not yet know which person or persons or companies will have the benefit of using other institutions and organizations of our state, unfortunately, in front of the Istanbul administration's struggle to usurp the property of the people of Istanbul, on behalf of the people of Istanbul. I am here to explain a process in which we foresee the possibility of experiencing a number of tragic, tragicomic and shameful practices that we have experienced before.”


Reminding that the two mansions that appear in the background at the point he made a statement belong to two important female sultans of the Ottoman period, the headlines of İmamoğlu's statements were as follows:

“If we make a description of the story of this place; The 25-year contract period between the Special Provincial Administration and the partnership of Turkish Airlines Do&Co, and the history of some issues experienced with the transfer of these mansions to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. When the Metropolitan Municipality processes matured and the special provincial administrations were closed, some structures belonging to the Special Provincial Administration were distributed to certain institutions and organizations. Just before this, a contract was signed between Turkish Airlines and Do&Co on January 7, 2009, when this place belonged to the governor's office and the Special Provincial Administration, to restore and operate it for 25 years. In 2011, in line with a request regarding the construction of an additional underground parking garage, this request was deemed appropriate and the contract period was increased from 25 to 31 years with an additional protocol by the governor of that period in return for the construction of this parking lot. After the closure of the special provincial administrations that I mentioned earlier, this property is transferred to IMM on 8 August 2014, with the decision of the transfer sharing commission of the governorship, together with the officials of that period. After this date, these structures you see became the property of IMM. And all payments or relations based on the contract were maintained by IMM.”


“After a process in which the building, which was a tourism area before the transfer, was transformed into a hotel function and the building and the project were described in that way, these buildings, while still being hotels, are transferred to IMM by the Special Provincial Administration while they are in the tourism area. Why did I mention this? Towards the end of my speech, I will explain how the support created for the process of taking this place from the people of Istanbul this Monday is a fabricated support, regarding this function process of this place. I highlight it. In other words, while this is a tourism area, a hotel building and a building leased to be operated in this way, while a contract was made, the ownership of the building passed from the Special Provincial Administration to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by the commission established with the authority given by the law in 2014. And here, after that process, of course, the follow-up begins. Let me highlight once. This is a project expected and desired to be completed in 2012. This is the protocol. While the 2nd and 9th articles of the contract should have been completed and the restoration process that should have started within 3 years, as clearly stated in the relevant articles in the specification, unfortunately this place has been stopped for 13 years - let alone any ending - and has been involved in a troublesome process with wrong productions. ”


“Of course, we have taken care of every building, every point of Istanbul, every place and structure belonging to the people of Istanbul. As soon as we took office in 2019, we saw that the construction was not continued or carried out. Despite all our warnings, the construction activities were not continued. In the studies we have done by independent valuation firms, it is obvious that this place has a value of at least 7 billion TL. So we couldn't leave it at the mercy of a company. In that respect, I gave instructions to my friends and we expressed that we should do what is required in the contract and that we should protect this property, using our rights arising from the contract. My friends also started an expert process at that time and they terminated the contract in line with this expert report. Because our building was really left to rot. In the determinations we made, it is proved with the letter dated February 4, 2022, of the Conservation Board, that the building was left to rot and was neglected. Therefore, we were instructed by the Conservation Board that we should intervene in this structure immediately. You can still see it at the back, as you can see over the building that looks like a construction site, almost plants and trees are growing on the building now, and the building is truly derelict, as if it belongs to a person, he doesn't care, he does it today and does it tomorrow; somehow it was acted from the point of view of his property. Therefore, it was determined that this area was in a very bad condition, which was reflected in the expert reports.”


“Who wants to protect our building? The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. whose building is it? It belongs to the public. When we protect a public building, who do we come across? Instructed law enforcement officers come out. We are in a tragicomic situation. We are in a really sad situation. The administration in Istanbul made us experience this in a few more places in Istanbul. Whoever is behind it; Governorship, police, district governorship, whoever is there, I condemn such attitudes and behaviors as I condemned yesterday. I will condemn it tomorrow. Of course, sometimes we know the limit of what we can do. But I am well aware that such abuses of public power will never be forgotten and will remain in memory, and that when the day comes, the law will hold accountable those who act in this sense and give these instructions. Our municipality wanted to protect this building that belongs to it. Therefore, he took initiatives both to secure these structures, which he owned, and to re-inspect some works in it, and at this point, too. But unfortunately, we were not even allowed in.”


“This contract with the company was terminated by a court decision. But despite this annulment, the law enforcement officers again came in front of the people occupying the building and we could not enter the building. I don't know the person or the company or who is behind this business, where there is a law enforcement agency that does not let public employees do their job, and the public property will be protected with their support, -all of these questions are big question marks- they were protected. Employees of our municipality, who tried to enter their own building many times, were not allowed into the building unlawfully. Each time, the law enforcement officers prevented the employees of our municipality from entering the building. He even tried to prevent it, as if using such force. All of these processes are in the minutes, in the form of video recordings.”


Stating that they have been prevented from entering the area since April for the purpose of detection, İmamoğlu continued his statements with the following words:

“Since May, our entry into the area, which was blocked by the unlawful letter of the district governor's office, has unfortunately been prevented from being fulfilled by using public power. This is a crime. Since the contract was terminated in December, IMM is not accepted as the owner of our building, which has been occupied, damaged and damaged in front of our eyes. We can neither enter nor take delivery of the building. Due to the unlawful transactions, the lawsuits and initiatives we have opened one after the other are unfortunately put on hold. No judgment is given in court. Citizens may think of the following. 'Since December, why haven't you said it in this high tone?' My friends and I, who have made it a motto to defend the property of this country, this state, where the public complains about the public, are aware of how heavy it is to raise this issue. Together, we have made many attempts to resolve it peacefully. It is not easy, it is not easy to explain such a shameful behavior and personal protection attitude of another institution of the state. I'm doing a hard job right now. In other words, it is a process in which the state's property and the state's property are prevented from being inspected."


“Of course, the tragicomic situation does not end. As always, the initiatives of creative government members do not stop. What is being done? They saw that IMM would protect the interests of the people, not a handful of people; 'Then, let's take this property from the IMM, let's turn things around as we wish, let's bend them, and continue to pack for others.' Look, such a clear job, such a clear understanding. And the last curtain is this: IMM is being written by the governorship. But where does this funny theater begin? It starts with the Ministry of Urban Planning. In other words, it starts with the General Directorate of National Real Estate. Istanbul Governor's Office is writing to IMM by keeping the relevant institutions attached. While writing, the reasoning of the article is so funny. Let me give a simple description like this: 'Sir, this place has been transferred to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the past. But it was actually a school. Considering the quality of the immovable and the public services on it, it is not possible to register the places such as schools, mosques, police stations, which are intended to be transferred to the relevant administrations, according to their interest, and that it is not possible to register them on behalf of the municipalities.


“Do you see the school in the back? Mosque? Ortakoy Mosque is there. There is no mosque here. Does it look like a police station? Nearly 35 thousand square meters of parking has been built under it. It's pure comedy. Don't mess with people's minds. do you know what this is? We call it 'mad courage' in the market. There is no limit to this courage. 'If he has these qualifications,' he says, 'it was given to the municipality wrong at the time. Go get it back,' he says. 'In this way, we will take this place from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and transfer it back to the Treasury. He says, 'We established a commission in the governor's office.' What is the name of this commission? According to a definition in the liquidation law of Special Provincial Administration No. 6360, 'Transfer, Liquidation and Distribution Commission'. Let's transfer, liquidate, then distribute. How will the distribution be made? In other words, 'Let's get it from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the rest is easy.' Why? Istanbul Municipality now has an administration and a mayor that protects the rights of 16 million people. With this initiative, the process begins. And a call is made on Monday. An attempt to transfer the property of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the Treasury by means of this committee by canceling the transfer.”


“What kind of board is this? The only member from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality… The decision maker, that is, the 6 members who will come there under the jurisdiction of the governorship. So the decision is already written 6 to 1. How do they calculate to buy the building completely? By stealing. Look, in Istanbul, the attempt to smuggle the property of the state from the state was made in the Islands. In the same way, it is a comedy like 50 kinds of maneuvers in order not to give the property of the state to the state. There is a stadium on the coast of Beylikdüzü Gürpınar. You can see it there too. In other words, you can see the example of Beylikdüzü, where a handful of people, unknown people, are protected. In Adalar, you can see an example of the state's law enforcement to give a foundation to a very clear foundation. Now it's unclear what's going on here... The job here is a little bigger. Who is it? Which family members, what? Know what I mean? This is black ignorance, the courage of ignorance. A step is being taken in this regard.”


“We are talking about a building with a value of 7 billion liras in the appraisal reports. The building, which should be completed within 3 years, has been in an environment where construction activities have been suspended for 13 years. Now go, you'll see some work there. The show is on. In this sense, the public has suffered a great loss in both rental income and property income. This place should be taken from the occupying company as soon as possible and protected by the property owner IMM. It is imperative that the historical texture of the buildings, which were left to rot, should be protected by protecting the essence of the buildings, which unfortunately were damaged by some wrong productions, and by removing the faulty manufactures. As if this weren't enough, it is imperative that the structure be taken away from us and prevented in this journey to which person, institution or persons it will be handed over to the Treasury.”


“The lease we are dealing with is a lease of 4 thousand 850 square meters, which was later increased to 39 thousand square meters with its additions. This is an attempt to take away the IMM over a rule called school, mosque, police station and similar buildings. Whoever started and signed this network-style practice has committed a great crime and a great public loss. From the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to the General Directorate of National Real Estate, from the Governorship of Istanbul to other institutions and organizations defined by the governor's office, to the Beşiktaş District Governor's Office, which prevents us from entering here, it is my responsibility to make this transparent statement here. I am stating that. At the same time, on behalf of my country and my state, in terms of the behavior of a state person, I am currently experiencing the cruelty of explaining this by describing it as being hurt, heart broken, liver burning. Because our state should not experience such attitudes and behaviors.”


“My friends will go to that building tomorrow as well. Until this meeting is held, they will struggle to get there. On Monday, all my bureaucracy friends and, of course, the Group Deputy Chairmen of the Nation Alliance will personally observe the process in the governor's office, both on behalf of Doğan Bey (Subaşı) and İbrahim Bey (Özkan), as well as on behalf of the Republican People's Party and the IYI Party. I advise the public to follow the treatment of these initiatives, tomorrow and the next day, through you, esteemed members of the press. I already see that the decision of the board, which will be taken on Monday, will be followed by our country, our nation, our city, our fellow citizens, and they will follow the processes together with you. 16 million of our citizens have rights and laws here. It has 13 years of damage.”


“Just like that, even one lira more help is needed for the home of the children of this city, the poor, the poor, the poor, where we revive the areas that are on the verge of extinction, bring back to life the deteriorating buildings, turn the rotten buildings into a home, or where the disposed resources are turned into kindergartens. It is an example of how the administration, which is one in the effort of helping each other, tries to usurp its resources here. In this context, of course, I wish this shameful process to be ended by Monday. I am announcing to you, the esteemed members of the press and the esteemed public, to my dear fellow citizens and citizens of Istanbul, that our application regarding the administrative courts was made at the point where this commission was gathered incorrectly and not in accordance with the procedure. We follow the process. Let me underline again: I am really in trouble of describing a mistake made by the institution of the state, another institution of another state, and the unlawfulness of it. I am ashamed. We have been patient for 9 months. We have been looking for a solution to this for 9 months. It is not an easy task to tell you what the administrative chiefs of the state's property, the administrators of their persons, do so that we do not enter through the door. With these difficulties, I coined these sentences.”

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