10 Ideas for Promotional Tote Bags

Idea For Promotional Tote Bags
10 Ideas for Promotional Tote Bags

Companies often look for ways to effectively promote their brands at a low cost. Some of the most effective promotional items I recommend are promotional tote bags. These low-cost products are very popular with consumers as they are practical. One of the most popular uses of these promotional items is for grocery shopping to reduce plastic bag waste.

Take a look at our list of high quality promotional bags below to improve your marketing strategy.

raw cloth promotional bag

1. Branded Tote Bag

Promotion Tote Bags

Here to order cloth bags One of my top recommendations for customers who want it. Branded Non Woven Shopping bag is inexpensive, durable and simple. Made from non-woven water-resistant polypropylene, this bag is a great starting point for a company that has never used promotional tote bags before.

2. Custom Laminated Non-Woven Large Grocery Bag

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

If you're looking for a roomy, sturdy bag, this is your bag! Custom Laminated Non Woven Large Grocery Tote is larger than the average promotional bag with a front pocket and reinforced handle. You also have a lot of printing freedom with this large bag; You can prominently display your logo or brand message on the front pocket. Another great feature of this bag is its water-resistant laminate material, which makes it easy to wipe clean.

3. Promotional Canvas Raw Tote Bags

Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Cotton canvas tote bags are generally more expensive than polypropylene, so if you're on a budget, I recommend choosing these types of bags to use as gifts or gifts to employees. Promotional Top Sailing Cotton Boat Tote Stylish canvas bag made of 100% natural cotton material. Print your logo directly on the front of the bag in multiple colors.

4. Personalized Non-Woven Economical Shopping Bag

Personalized Shopping Bags

If you're looking for cheap and simple, this compact shopping bag is perfect. Personalized Non Woven Budget Shopping Cloth can work as a trade show hand out in the office, or just as a simple gift. This hand-washable promotional item comes in a wide variety of colors and gets the job done.

5. Customized Laminated Non-Woven Small Customer Bag

Small Custom Tote Bags

Customized Laminated Non Woven Small Cloth is the perfect choice if you are looking for style. Stylish and small, this bag is perfect if you want to hand out gift bags with items at an event. Because of its usefulness and durability, your customers will be able to keep this bag for a long time.

6. Highlight Cutout Logo Non Woven Bag

Tote Bags With Logo

with logo cloth bag Display your brand's image in stylish design. Choose from over twenty colors to ideally personalize this bag. Made of non-woven, coated water-resistant polypropylene.

7. Branded Transparent Daily Bag

Branded Transparent Daily Bag

Mix things up with a clean, comfortable tote bag with a modern look. Your logo will appear prominently on the unique transparent material. Choose from nine different upholstery colors so this promotional bag matches your brand's style.

8. Personalized 100% Recycled Zipper Bag

Personalized Zipper Tote Bag

If your company promotes the fact that you are committed to protecting the environment, this is the promotional bag for you. Personalized 100% Recycled Zipper Cloth is made entirely from post-consumer recycled material. Built for user functionality, this bag has great features like a zippered main compartment, pen loop and 11-inch holders.

9. Promotional Fun Tote Bags

Promotional Shoulder Bag

to be included in this list. production of promotional bags I chose it for you because I love it as an employee gift! Encourage your employees to use this bag as an everyday item. It has a zip-top closure, a 26" net handle, a mesh side pocket for water bottles, and a split loop for keys and carabiners. Your employees will be happy while increasing your brand visibility.

10. Custom Essential Organic Cotton Carrying Bag

Custom Organic Tote Bag

Here is another bag for eco-friendly companies, custom raw tote bags. The 100% certified organic cotton from which this bag is made came from safe and organic farming techniques that exclude harmful pesticides and toxic pesticides that pollute the air. I also like this bag because unlike the others it has handles; are called soft cotton cord grips.

Why Tote Bags Are Great for Your Business and Customers

Nobel Bag is available in many different types, one of which is tote bag. supplies promotional bags. In this great article for promoting your business, we bring you all the reasons why tote bags are great for manufacturing and why they are so useful to your consumers.

For Your Company

From a promotional standpoint, the tote bag is ideal for displaying your work. When you print your brand logo on a tote bag, your company will be seen by people everywhere. Check out the following reasons why a tote bag is great for your business.

Large Space for Logo

The large surface area on both sides of the tote bag gives you plenty of room to print anything you want. It's a great component of the bag when it comes to merchandising and makes it super easy for your logo to stand out!

Great for Printing

The flat structure of tote bags also makes it incredibly easy to print on. Placing tote bags on a variety of presses can be incredibly easy. This lowers the cost of production and means you can do more to give to potential customers!


Tote bags tend to be inexpensive, as they are made of simple materials and their patterns can be reproduced very easily. Due to the simple printing process discussed earlier, this element is also inexpensive compared to manufacturing other products.


Tote bags are often made from recyclable materials, and your decision to give them away is an ethical one. At the same time, since they are long-lasting, it is possible to use them for many years for various reasons.

For Your Customer

Tote bags are not only commercially ideal for your business, but also great for the consumer. Using a tote bag has many advantages for the customer, check it out below.

You can fit a lot in it.

When it comes to benefits for your customers, it cannot be ignored that tote bags are incredibly spacious. Perfect for shopping or a day out, you'll be able to fit everything you need into your company's branded bag.


Tote bags aren't just for women! The simple makeover of a tote bag makes them great for anyone. Men or women can make great use of this large, eco-friendly promotional product.


Tote bags can be used for any occasion. They are regularly seen as spare shopping bags, but that is not their only use! If you need a gym bag, beach bag or even a tote bag for the workplace, tote bags can really be used anywhere. To further increase their versatility, many tote bags are now reversible, giving you the opportunity to brand two bags and two in one product.


It may seem small, but most tote bags are washable. Many of them can even be thrown into the washing machine and have a brand new look, what more do you want!

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