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YKS score and ranking calculation methods are searched in search engines. Students preparing for YKS want to perform the score calculation process during this process. So, how is YKS exam score calculation done? What is the OBP coefficient? How to calculate raw score? Here are all the details….


The number of correct and incorrect answers given by each candidate to the tests is determined, and the raw score (net number of the candidate) obtained from the relevant test is found by subtracting one quarter of the number of incorrect answers from the number of correct answers.

The mean and standard deviation of that test will be calculated by using the raw scores of all candidates studying in the last year of the relevant test.

Using this mean and standard deviation, standard scores with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10 will be calculated for all candidates.

After the exam, the questions that are decided to be canceled by the OSYM Presidency or the judicial authorities will be excluded from the evaluation and scoring will be made by re-determining the score value of the valid questions.

Candidates' weighted scores (A-TYT) will be calculated using the standard scores calculated in TYT and the weights in Table 1C. In order to calculate the A-TYT score, candidates must have a raw score of at least 0,5 or more from the Basic Mathematics Test or the Turkish Test. A-TYT only for candidates who meet these conditions

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How is the OBP (Secondary Education Achievement Score) score calculated?

how is it done

A diploma grade out of 100 in secondary education is multiplied by 5 and converted into Secondary Education Achievement Score (OBP). The diploma grade of the candidates whose diploma grade is not declared and the diploma grades of the candidates whose diploma grade is below 50 are evaluated as 50. Thus, OBP will be 50 for the lowest diploma grade of 250 and OBP 100 for the highest diploma grade of 500. Then, this score is multiplied by 0,12 and the score to be added to the YKS Score is determined.

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How much does OBP contribute when calculating the placement points?

OBP score is found by multiplying the diploma grade by 0,6. The contribution of OBP to the exam varies according to the diploma grade of the candidates. On average, it affects 10 thousand rankings.

How will OBP be added to placement points?

As explained above, sixty percent of the diploma grade (coefficient = 0,6) will be added to the scores obtained from the central exam, and the candidate's placement scores will be calculated. The score to be added to a candidate with a diploma grade of 90 is 90 points from 0,6*54.

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How many points is YKS calculated on?

The YKS score is created by converting the lowest 100 and the highest 500 points. YKS score is calculated over 500 points excluding school score. When OBP is included, it is calculated over 560 points. Candidates who get 5 raw points from each of the Basic Mathematics and Turkish tests and 2,5 raw points from each of the other tests will be provided with a minimum of 150 TYT points.

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