Women Trained in Basic Makeup Course Shoots Two Birds with One Stone

Women Studying In A Basic Makeup Course Shoot Two Birds With One Ball
Women Trained in Basic Makeup Course Shoots Two Birds with One Stone

Women who are trained in the Basic Makeup Course opened by Bağcılar Municipality kill two birds with one stone. The trainees who complete their training both do their own make-up in daily life and find the opportunity to work in places such as beauty centers and hairdressers with the certificates given.

The Municipality Women and Family Culture and Art Center, which has become the second address of women in Bağcılar, continues to serve in the summer period. Among the summer courses, the Basic Makeup Course attracts the most attention. The women, who come together three days a week, receive training on daily and night make-up from the Hairdressing and Skin Care specialist, yusufr Kılıç.

They learn by practicing

The trainees, who take pens, blushes and foundation brushes in their hands, learn to make up by following what Kılıç tells. Women who receive theoretical knowledge such as facial anatomy, hygiene and the use of make-up materials learn to put on the right make-up by practicing on each other.

They can work in beauty centers

Stating that the biggest mistake in make-up is not knowing one's own skin, Kılıç said, “After a few lessons, our students realize that the make-up they have done so far is wrong. They get to know their own face shape and skin and start using products in the right tone. Our course has two benefits. With the education they receive here, they both do their own daily and night make-up, and with the certificates they obtain, they can work as make-up artists in beauty centers, hairdressers and television channels. Those who wish can open their own businesses after meeting the necessary conditions.

Kılıç stated that the trainees in other classes in the Women and Family Culture and Art Center building also received tips on the right make-up from them.

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