Who is Eren Bulbul? Where and when was Eren Bülbül Martyrdom?

Who is Eren Bulbul Where is Eren Bulbul from and How old is Sehit Dustu
Who is Eren Bulbul, Where is Eren Bulbul from and When

Eren Bülbül (born January 1, 2002; Maçka, Trabzon – Died August 11, 2017; Maçka, Trabzon) died as a result of the attack of PKK members during the clash between Turkish police forces and PKK militants in the rural area of ​​Maçka district of Trabzon on August 11, 2017. The loser is a Turkish child.

After the clash between the police teams and the PKK near the Vazelon Monastery in the Köprüyani District of Maçka, the PKK-affiliated group entered a house in the region to get food. Seeing the group stealing food from the house they entered, Eren Bülbül informed the team of the gendarmerie and the police. While Bulbul was on her way with the security forces to show the house the PKK members had entered, she lost her life together with the Gendarmerie Sergeant Major Ferhat Gedik as a result of the attack by the PKK members.

Eren's mother Ayşe Bülbül said that taking her son there was negligent: “Taking Eren there is not 100 percent, it is 1000 per thousand negligence. I want the result of waiting for Eren after the Friday prayer and leaving. I want to know why Eren was brought there from our prime minister, minister and officials. My child would have wanted to be a martyr, but he would have wanted to be a martyr in the military, not in front of the door.”

Barış Coşkun, codenamed “Şoreş” in the gray category, and Bedrettin Çeliker, codenamed “Berxwedan” were killed in the operation carried out on May 31, 2018 in the rural area of ​​the Güce district of Giresun. It was determined that these two names were in the group that carried out the attack in which Eren Bülbül and Petty Officer Ferhat Gedik lost their lives.

On July 15, 2018, the perpetrators of the attack, Mehmet Yakisir, codenamed "Zeynel", and Levent Dayan, codenamed "Rodî", were killed in the operation carried out in the Kurtün district of Gümüşhane. Mehmet Yakisir, who was alleged to be responsible for the PKK's Black Sea Region, was in the red category of the Ministry of Interior's “most wanted terrorists” list. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, in a statement on his Twitter account, said, "Eren Bülbül, we can now comfortably mention his name. Those bastards are in hell, you're in heaven. Congratulations to our hero gendarme. Mehmet Yakisir, codenamed 'Zeynel' (red list), and Levent Dayan, codenamed 'Rodî', were killed.” used his statements.

In 2018, an orphanage was opened by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in the name of Eren Bülbül in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Turkish Airlines launched a Twitter poll on June 25, 2019 to name the new Boeing 787 passenger aircraft. Among the options suggested in the survey were the names of ancient cities such as Perge, Assos, Göbeklitepe, Zeugma, but Eren Bülbül's name was not included. When many Twitter users started a campaign for the aircraft to be named Eren Bülbül and created a demand, THY followed this call, but decided to name the aircraft not Eren Bülbül, but Maçka, which is his hometown.

On September 17, 2021, Bursaspor fans had a water well drilled in Niger on behalf of Eren Bülbül and Ferhat Gedik.

The TRT co-production, Intersection: Good Luck, Eren, which was released on his birthday, January 1, tells his life story.

The proposal, which includes naming a park in the Huzurkent neighborhood of Mersin's Akdeniz district after Eren Bülbül, was rejected by the votes of the CHP and HDP city council members. On the other hand, a sign saying 'Good luck to you, Eren Bülbül Park' was erected at the entrance of the park by the mayor and the residents of the neighborhood.

Martyr Eren Bülbül park was built by Üsküdar Municipality.

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