Teknofest Black Sea's Biggest Awarded Competition Started in Samsun

Teknofest Black Sea's Biggest Prize Competition Started in Samsun
Teknofest Black Sea's Biggest Awarded Competition Started in Samsun

The 'Battle UAV' competitions started in Samsun, which will host the world's largest 'Aviation, Space and Technology Festival' Teknofest Black Sea between August 30 and September 4, 2022. The competition, which has the biggest prize of Teknofest with its difficulty level, will continue until Sunday, August 21. Samsun Deputies Dr. Samsun Deputies started the competitions at the Ballıca Campus of the Özdemir Bayraktar Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences at Samsun University. Ahmet Demircan and Orhan Kırcalı, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, Teknofest General Secretary Ömer Kökçam and the protocol members and Samsun Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı said, “Our youth are almost pushing the limits. With the developments and innovations in technology, the fields of activity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are becoming more and more important day by day. kazanHe's eating." said.

Qualification for the finals kazanStating that every competitor is successful regardless of the results, Governor Dağlı said, “Our young people, who have passed many qualifying criteria as a result of long efforts and studies, are struggling to be the best in Samsun today. We witness how much effort each of them put into their projects and work towards technology and science. Out of 444 teams, 22 teams and 201 competitors who made it to the finals are competing in the ongoing competitions in Samsun. I foresee that the competitors will continue to develop very successful projects in the medium and long term as long as they continue in the footsteps of science and technology.” he said.

Our Youth Will Shape the Future

Expressing that such competitions, which require high technology, are strategically very valuable, Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı said, “I think that we have a generation that is knowledgeable and technologically equipped in today's conjuncture, and that we will reach qualified human resources in this field in a way that will benefit both them and our country. The new generation is growing up to shape the future in every field of technology and science. In the Fighting UAV competitions going on in our city, we will guide our young people who are instrumental in such an important competition that will add strategic strength to our country, and give them experience. kazanI would like to thank everyone who helped them grow and develop their skills.” said.

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