Taşköprü Oil Wrestling Takes Your Breath Again

The Taskopru Gureses Are Breathtaking Again
Taşköprü Wrestling is Breathtaking Again

Taşköprü Oil Wrestling in the Gulf was once again in a festive mood. Yusuf Can Zeybek was the one who knocked out Tanju Gemici after 60 hours of wrestling, laughing at the fierce competitions where nearly 500 wrestlers, 1,5 of whom were chief wrestlers, tied their arms.

Taşköprü Oil Wrestling, organized by Körfez Municipality as part of the 48th Golden Cherry Festival, was held in Sevindikli Taşköprü Private Square. Citizens from all over Turkey filled the field from the early hours of the morning for the wrestling, in which 60 wrestlers, 500 of whom were Başpehlivan, participated. The mayor of Körfez, Şener Söğüt, who entered the field with the manias of jazz and the tunes of the drum-zurna team, greeted the citizens.


After the greeting, lots were drawn for the chief wrestlers. After the draw, the chief wrestlers toured the area with the giant Turkish flag in their hands. Wrestling hosted by Körfez Mayor Şener Söğüt; Former Deputy Prime Minister and Kocaeli Deputy Fikri Işık and Deputy İlyas Şeker, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, Gulf District Governor Gürsoy Osman Bilgin, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş and Kırkpınar Ağası Seyfettin Selim also attended.


Moreover; Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Yavuz Selim Kapanci, Provincial Police Chief Veysal Tipioğlu, Gölcük Mayor Ali Yıldırım Sezer, Ferizli Mayor İsmail Gündoğdu, Rural Agriculture and Aromatic Plants Provincial Coordinator Abdullah Köktürk, Körfez Chamber of Commerce President Recep Öztürk, KASKF President Murat Aydın, District Gendarmerie Commander Hüseyin Eraslan, District Police Chief Ahmet Zihni Manap, AK Party District President Ramazan Tuna, IYI Party District President Mehmet Candemir, BBP District President Bayram Kurtaran, provincial and district administrators and many NGO representatives attended.


President Şener Söğüt wished the wrestlers to start after the draw and said, “We will continue to protect our ancestral sport. Our wrestling has a deep-rooted tradition with a thousand-year history. We will continue this tradition. Our 62 chief wrestlers are here today. Thousands of wrestling fans are in the stands. We were happy. Interest is increasing every year. As the interest increases, our chief wrestlers also enter into a fierce struggle.”


As of the first round, the fights were fierce, while Ali Gürbüz and Mustafa Taş were injured and left the fight in the middle. Faruk Akkoyun from Kandıra managed to overthrow İsmail Balaban after a breathtaking struggle. Chief wrestlers Tanju Gemici, Yusuf Can Zeybek, Serhat Balcı and Hasan Cengiz who had their names written in the last four in the struggles that continued until the evening hours. Tanju Gemici and Yusuf Can Zeybek reached the finals in breathtaking struggles.


The struggle between Yusuf Can Zeybek and Tanju Gemici was breathtaking. The chief wrestlers, who tried to dominate each other for about 2 hours, came very close to this from time to time. With the start of scoring, Yusuf Can Zeybek managed to defeat his opponent after a great game and showed great joy. Kırpınar Ağası Seyfettin Selim and Körfez Mayor Şener Söğüt presented their awards to the finalists who took the podium.

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