Security Measures Training for Tourism Zones from the Police

Training on Security Measures from the Police for Tourism Regions
Security Measures Training for Tourism Zones from the Police

The General Directorate of Security (EGM) provided training on “Security Measures for Tourism Zones” to 1650 people working in public and private areas in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

According to the information received, within the scope of the General Law Enforcement-Private Security Cooperation and Integration Project (KAAN), 1353 private security officers and 297 general law enforcement officers (Police-Gendarmerie) working in museums, archaeological sites, national palaces, ports, hotels, mosques and municipalities complement public security. ), 1650 people were trained.

136 people, including 78 general law enforcement personnel and 214 private security personnel, benefited from the training in İzmir, as well as 101 personnel, including 81 private security personnel and 182 security personnel, in Antalya.

In Istanbul, 1174 people, including 80 private security guards and 1254 police personnel, completed their training.

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