Rail System Installation Started on Bangladesh's Padma Bridge

Rail System Installation Started at Padma Bridge, Bangladesh
Rail System Installation Started on Bangladesh's Padma Bridge

Rail laying on the lower deck of the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh began on Saturday. The bridge, the largest in Bangladesh, is part of the construction work of the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project undertaken by a Chinese company.

Bangladesh Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujan inaugurated the works on the Zajira end of the bridge, located on the outskirts of the capital Dhaka.

After the opening, the minister told the media that trains from Dhaka to Faridpur district in the center of Bhanga, one of the three parts of the rail link project, could run for about 2023 km by June 81.

The 172 km Padma Bridge Rail Link Project is planned to be completed in 2024. One of the most important projects under construction by China Railway Group Limited (CREC) and financed by the Export-Import Bank of China.

Rail link, China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co. Ltd. It will cross the Padma Bridge, the largest of its kind in Bangladesh, built by

The Padma Bridge is located approximately 40 km southwest of Dhaka and has a total length of 9.8 km and its main bridge is 6.15 km long.

The history of crossing the mighty Padma river between dozens of districts in southern Bangladesh and the capital of Dhaka only by ferry or boats came to an end when the bridge opened to traffic in June this year.

As a vital channel connecting the Trans-Asian rail network, the rail link is expected to greatly support regional connectivity and economic development of Bangladesh.

Source: Xinhua

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