Meteor Shower Surprise at Antalya Sky Observation Event

Meteor Shower Surprise at Antalya Sky Observation Event
Meteor Shower Surprise at Antalya Sky Observation Event

While the Antalya Sky Observation Event, which is the meeting point of astronomy enthusiasts, continued at full speed, the meteor shower gave the participants exciting moments. Astronomy enthusiasts formed a 'sky-looking tail' in front of the telescopes set up in the event area. During the event, 630 hours of observation were made.


On the first day of the Antalya Sky Observation Event, which was opened by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, 3 people selected by lottery among 500 people, as well as a total of 750 people stayed in the tents set up. On the second day of the event, thousands of people attended the invitation organized by Kepez Municipality with the slogan of "Take Your Tent and Come With Us". While approximately 400 thousand daily visitors attended the event in the first two days, the "queue to look at the sky!" formed.


Sky lovers also had the opportunity to visit the TÜBİTAK National Observatory, Turkey's largest active observatory, which is considered “one of the best places in the world in terms of atmosphere” in international space studies. The participants, who reached the observatory in Bakırlıtepe, at an altitude of 7 meters, by climbing the 2 km mountain road from the skirts of the Saklıkent Ski Center, where the event was held, were informed about the 500 giant optical telescopes used in international space studies.


One of the highest peaks of Beydağları, Bakırlıtepe, was one of the telescopes installed in RTT 1,5, Turkey's largest optical telescope with a mirror diameter of 150 meters. The RTT 150 telescope, which is known as Turkey's first and largest spectral attractor, attracted great attention, as it allows to separate starlight into wavelengths and to examine the chemistry of the celestial bodies in it.


Astronomy enthusiasts, T500, T100 and ROTSE-III located in Saklıkent as a part of the robotic telescope network established in America, Europe, Africa and Australia, which have made many discoveries with nearly 60 national and international observation projects at TUG so far. They also got information about the -d telescopes.


In addition to the giant telescopes in TUG, 5 different observation stations were established in the activity area in Saklıkent Ski Center. 78 astronomy experts selected from the astronomy and space clubs of the universities made observations in 30 telescopes. It was learned that while an average of 21 hours of observation was made in each telescope, a total of 630 hours of observations were made during the event.

For three days, experts explained the sky, stars and planets to participants from different age groups, from 60 days old baby to 72 years old. On the other hand, it was learned that around 4 people took part in the event, which lasted for 400 days.


Within the scope of the event, during the daytime, in the area called 'conference tent', conversations on topics such as "Polar Studies", "Astrophotography", "Asteroids Passing Close to Earth", "Life of a Star", "Space Weather", "Extraterrestrial Life" will be discussed. While many questions were answered, children participated in interesting science workshops and competitions. At night, he explored the stars and planets with telescopes.


There was also a meteor shower surprise this year at the Antalya Sky Observation Event. This celestial event, consisting of the remnants of the Swift-Tuttle comet, which passed close to the Earth's orbit in 1992, and which occurred due to the Earth's encounter with this cosmic dust cloud while orbiting the Sun, gave the participants exciting moments.


TÜBİTAK Sky Observation Activities Coordinator, Senior Specialist Astronomer Kadir Uluç stated that they receive great interest as every year and said:

We had a very nice three days with participants of all ages. At the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the current developments in the field of astronomy by listening to the presentations made by the academicians, and to get the answers to the questions they were curious about from experts in their fields. At night, they observed interesting celestial objects with the experts until the morning at the beginning of the telescopes.

The increasing interest of young people in our activities makes us happy, but also gives us hope for the future.


Particularly families showed great interest in the event, and the participants underlined that Sky Observation Activities were especially inspiring for children and young people.


Ceren Ateş, who attended the event, said, “It is our great dream to raise a generation intertwined with science. It is very nice to ignite this spark at a young age”, while little sky enthusiast Ali Dayıoğlugil said, “I would love to see the constellations, the Pole Star, Mars and Pluto because it is the third planet. "I'm interested in astronomy, scientists and robotics," he said.


Nurcan Alptekin, who attended the event with his wife and baby, said, "These are great developments for our country, our future children," while Mehmet Akman, one of the participants, said, "Our country is developing and growing day by day. It is trying to reach a certain point in the world. An important event for children and teenagers. It makes us proud that such important projects are being carried out in our country” and drew attention to the importance of the event.

While Sena Yılmaz, one of the participants, said, “We saw what we could do as a country if we wanted to”, İpek Bulut said, “Europe's largest telescope is being built in Erzurum. I am proud of my country,” he shared.


The Sky Observation Event, first organized by Bilim Teknik Magazine in Antalya Saklıkent in 1998, this year the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TÜBİTAK, Antalya Governorship, Akdeniz University, Kepez Municipality, Antalya OSB, Adana Hacı It was held with the contributions of Sabancı OIZ, Gaziantep OIZ, Mersin Tarsus OIZ, PAKOP Plastik Specialized OIZ and Kapaklı İkitelli – 2 OIZ Association and ECA – SEREL.


In the events organized in Diyarbakır Zerzevan Castle on 9-12 June, in Van on 3-5 July and in Erzurum on 22-24 July in order to increase the interest of young people in space with the vision of the National Space Program, approximately 30 thousand people, mostly families and young people, were organized. person attended.

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