Master Artist Semih Sergen Died! Who is Semih Sergen?

Master Artist Semih Sergen Dies Who is Semih Sergen
Master Artist Semih Sergen Lost His Life! Who is Semih Sergen

Theater actor and voice actor Semih Sergen died in Bodrum (91)

The father of the theater actors Burak Sergen and Toprak Sergen, master artist Semih Sergen passed away in Bodrum. After the bitter news, Burak Sergen shared the photo with his father on his Instagram account with the note "My dear father, goodbye".

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a condolence message for the deceased artist Semih Sergen.

In the message published on the social media account of the Ministry, “We learned with sadness the news of the death of cinema, theater and voice actor Semih Sergen. May God have mercy on our artist, we wish patience to his family and relatives. Condolences to our art community.” expressions were used.

Sergen will be buried in Gölbaşı Cemetery after the ceremony to be held at the Ankara Little Theater on Monday, 8 August at 11.00:XNUMX.

Who is Semih Sergen?

Semih Sergen (born May 13, 1931, Istanbul – Died August 6, 2022, Muğla) is a Turkish theater actor, director, film and TV series actor, play and poetry writer.

Semih Sergen was born in Istanbul as the son of a family that has been living in Istanbul for nine generations. In his youth, he worked in various jobs, from carpentry to painter. Sergen, whose love for theater was formed in his childhood, started his theater life in a way as the head of the theater branch of the school he attended. Later, he took the Navy exam, which he took at the request of his family. kazanwas. But he also secretly took the conservatory exam. In 1949, he became a student of masters such as Nurettin Sevin, Mahir Canova and Cüneyt Gökçer at the Ankara State Conservatory.

After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory Theater High Department with first place, he played many important characters in the intervening years. Sometimes it was Don Carlos on the stage, sometimes III. Selim. So did Sergeant Musgrave, Driver Ahmet and Mimar Sinan.

He played more than 100 leading roles in the theater and staged more than 40 plays. He has 11 books in which he collected plays and 17 poetry books. He prepared the first 45 poetry record in Turkey. Various cassettes and CDs followed, she. She shared the lead role with Işık Yenersu in the first photonovel translated in Turkey. He met Yeşilçam in 1958 with the movie called Veiled Göl.

Sergen's poems and stories were accepted and published in Türk Dili magazine, who wrote articles for many newspapers and magazines, especially the “Milli Kültür” magazine. Semih Sergen, who lives in Bodrum today, manages the Semih Sergen and Friends Theater, which he founded under his own name, and is the father of the theater actors Burak Sergen and Toprak Sergen.

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