Maltepe Will Reach One of Istanbul's Most Beautiful Squares

Maltepe Will Have One of Istanbul's Most Beautiful Squares
Maltepe Will Reach One of Istanbul's Most Beautiful Squares

Maltepe minibus road will be closed to traffic in both directions. With the work that will last about 4 months, the region will have one of the most beautiful squares in Istanbul. Maltepe is getting a big and modern square. On the Bagdat Street Minibus road, the traffic will be completely underground. The section between Mimar Sinan Street and İnönü Street will be pedestrianized. It will be one of the exemplary streets of Istanbul. As of 18:06.00 on Thursday, August XNUMX, the area will be closed to vehicle traffic in both directions.

Underpass excavation works will begin in the region. Due to the excavation works, there will be no two-way traffic flow between Mimar Sinan Street and İnönü Streets on Bağdat Street (Minibus Road) for 120 days. Drivers will be diverted to alternative routes.


Kadıköy – Traffic flow in the direction of Kartal will be connected to Bagdat Street again via Mimar Sinan Street, Rıhtım Street, Ardıçlı Street, Şehit Nedim Özpolat Street, İstasyon Street and Drama Bridge, via the Second Primary School Street. Eagle - Kadıköy In the direction of traffic flow, it will be connected to Bağdat Street via Adalı Street, following İnönü Street, Kooper Street and Atatürk Street, where it has been for a while.


Within the scope of the works within the scope of the Maltepe Square Project, a 550-meter long vehicle underpass will be built. Maltepe District will have a pedestrianized square of 25 thousand square meters. When Maltepe Square becomes active, a bazaar ambiance will be created where people will breathe and have a pleasant time. The region will become one of the most attractive places on the Anatolian side. It is aimed that the works that will last for 120 days and approximately 4 months will be completed for the new year.


Due to the route change, some IETT lines in the region will also change.

Changes will be made on lines 16A – 133F – 133G – 17S – 252 – 17 –16 – KM42 – KM43 – KM44.

Lines 16A – 133F – 17S – 252 – 17 – 16, instead of Orhangazi – Esenyurt – Maltepe Bağdat Caddesi – İstasyon Yolu – Maltepe stops, Sand Pier – DR. It will pass through Sadik Ahmet - Station Road - Maltepe Beach stops.

Lines numbered KM42 - KM43 - KM44 will also turn from Adalı Street as a ring by following Transition Street instead of Adalı Sokak - Kaptan Sokak - Maltepe stops.

The route of the line 133G; Instead of the stops on Feyzullah Street, Sülün Street - Feyzullah Street - Fulya Street - Beşevler and on Atatürk Street - Maltepe - Kırlenen Sokak - Mehmet Akif, the Maltepe Bridge - Yıldız Grocery Store - Mehmet Akif - Adalı Street - Kaptan Street - Sand Pier - DR . It will serve at Sadik Ahmet - Station Road - Maltepe Beach stops.

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