Magnificent Wooden Artifacts by Aşir Güler and His Students

Magnificent Wooden Works by Asir Guler and His Students
Magnificent Wooden Artifacts by Aşir Güler and His Students

The works of Wood Carving Artist Aşir Güler and his students, who continue their works in the workshop he established in Çiğli District of İzmir, were exhibited in Foça. The exhibition, which includes traditional Turkish Wood Carving art as well as original works, attracted great attention from Foça residents and visitors.


The exhibition, which was opened in a historical stone building on Reha Midilli Street on the Küçükdeniz Beach, featured nearly 25 works of Aşir Güler, as well as 100 of his students who continue their courses. It was seen that the trainees, some of whom were from Foça, reflected the fish, maritime, historical and touristic elements of the district in their works. Many art lovers, who were amazed by the beauty of wooden works, received detailed information from their producers about the works in the exhibition. To the guests who wish; In addition to wood carving works, a presentation was made on how Aşir Güler, one of the most important instruments of Turkish Classical Music, worked the main body of a qanun on the workbench brought from his workshop.


Asir Guler; He said that he was born in Muş in 1973 and that he learned the art of wood carving from his elder brother Tahsin Güler, who is also a master. Asir Guler; I started woodworking at the age of 7 in Izmir. I am in this business today. I've been doing this for 40 years. Our workshop is located in Çiğli district of İzmir. I've been in all areas of this business for years, so to speak. Our range is very wide. There is a statue. There are Traditional Arts. It has relief style, calligraphy. We also work in a modern style. I have done antique restoration works for about 10 years. From there, we had a lot of savings. Over the years, these accumulations began to multiply one after the other. I had the thought of transferring this to those who want it. For this, I opened a course in my own workshop. I currently have about 30 trainees. We tried to do as good a job as possible with these trainees. We started the foundations of the exhibition we opened today 6 -7 months ago. We have tried to do almost all kinds of work. We tried to touch on many things that happened in Anatolia in the past and today on wood. There are nearly 25 works of 100 of our trainees here. We also understand from the interest of those who come and go that yes, we have made such a rich variety. It is impressive that such richness is combined in wood, especially. We see this in the reactions we get. In this respect, we will try to continue this channel," he said.

The exhibition can be visited between 16:2022 and 10.00:23.00 until Tuesday, August XNUMX, XNUMX.

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