Last Minute: Gaziantep TAG Highway Accident: 15 Dead, 21 Injured

Last Minute Injured In An Accident On Gaziantep TAG Highway
Last Minute Accident on Gaziantep TAG Highway 15 Dead, 21 Injured

TAG highway Gaziantep-Nizip bus, rescue team and ambulance were involved in the accident, according to the first determinations, 15 people lost their lives, 22 people were injured.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül made a statement on his social media account about the accident that took place on the TAG highway between Gaziantep and Nizip.

Gül shared on his Twitter account as follows: “According to the first determinations, in the accident involving the bus, rescue team and ambulance on the 20th km of TAG highway Gaziantep-Nizip; A total of 3 of our citizens, including 2 firefighters, 2 health personnel, and 15 journalists, died and 22 of our citizens were injured. Condolences to our nation."

Condolence message from Minister Soylu

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu shared his condolences regarding the accident that took place in Gaziantep on his social media account.

Minister Soylu shared the following statements: “Our condolences. According to the first determinations, as a result of the bus crashing into the 112 Health, Fire Brigade and Police teams that intervened in the accident on the Gaziantep Nizip Highway; A total of 2 citizens, including 2 paramedics, 3 UAV reporters, 8 firefighters, and 15 passengers, lost their lives. The injured were taken to hospital. Our Governor and Chief of Police are at the crash site. May God have mercy on our citizens who passed away, and grant a speedy recovery to our wounded.”

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