KazanWhat is Internal Loss? How to Get Business Day Loss?

Kazanc What is Loss of Commercial Gun How to Get Lost
KazanWhat is Internal Loss How to Take Commercial Day Loss

Kazanloss of life What is it, how to get a commercial day loss is among the topics that many vehicle owners wonder about after being involved in traffic accidents. In general, when we will examine the subject, it means that vehicle owners whose vehicles have been damaged demand the loss of value in their vehicles from the traffic insurance of the other party as much as their faults. On the other hand, vehicle depreciation also indicates the low amount of vehicles in the second-hand markets.

Commercial vehicles kazanWhen the loss of value will be examined in detail, it stands out differently from the loss of value. KazanInternal losses are mostly included as financial losses that occur due to the fact that vehicles that are used for commercial purposes are not used or operated during the repair period after the accidents. Commercial vehicles mostly;

  1. Taxis
  2. services
  3. Buses
  4. It means that it is met in such cases for all kinds of vehicles such as minibuses.

Commercial Kazanç Losses are taken from whom?

Kazanloss of life The question of from whom to buy is also among the issues that vehicle owners investigate in the face of the problems they experience. It is not possible to demand these payments from the traffic insurance of the other party during the accident. Commercial kazanThe other vehicle with internal losses at the time of the accident must be requested from the license holders or the driver. It is not necessary to be flawless during an accident. It is sufficient only that the fault is not entirely in the owners of commercial vehicles, and payments can be requested under these conditions.

When looking at the number of vehicles in Istanbul and the statistical rates of traffic accidents in our country, commercial kazanInternal losses are among the very important issues. As another important detail before looking into the details of the subject, commercial cases are among the compulsory subjects when mediation is the litigation conditions. For this reason, getting support in this area is also effective in achieving the desired results.

Commercial vehicles KazanHow to Calculate Internal Loss?

Commercial vehicles kazanhow to calculate ç loss When the damage files are to be examined in detail, the documents highlighting the repair times and the accident detection reports should be submitted in addition to the lawsuit petitions. In cases where it is deemed necessary during the court, opinions are asked from the relevant professional organizations or from the expert.

Commercial kazanObligatory expenses during the determination of internal losses kazanIt has to be deducted from the internal losses. For example, after deducting the necessary expenses such as fuel money, the commercial kazanCalculation of internal losses comes to the fore. Otherwise, during commercial kazanFor people who have suffered internal losses, enrichment provisions are put into effect. in vehicles kazanDuring the calculation of the loss of three;

  1. of commercial vehicles kazanDuring the calculation of the internal loss, first of all, it is necessary to know how long the vehicles were in repair and how much the daily rental costs are.
  2. During the application, there are more than one wrong method during the calculation of the daily rental prices of the vehicles.
  3. Vehicles that are leased for a long time, mostly during fleet leasing companies, are rented on a monthly basis for a certain period of time. For this reason, at the point of long rental periods within the contract, monthly rental prices are reduced at the same rate.
  4. KazanDuring the calculations made regarding the expert reports against the loss of employees, the monthly rental prices in the rental agreements should also be calculated on a daily basis. However, these determined costs are illegal.

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