Istanbulkart Mobile QR Code Payment Can Also Be Used on Marmaray

Istanbulkart Mobile QR Code Payment can also be used in Marmaray
Istanbulkart Mobile QR Code Payment Can Also Be Used on Marmaray

The QR code payment feature offered by Istanbulkart Mobil can now be used in Marmaray as well. Istanbul residents who do not need a physical card to travel will also be able to transfer Marmaray easily. 332 new generation QR code turnstiles and 346 returnable turnstiles were installed on Marmaray. With this new system integrated with IMM's public transportation network, uninterrupted digital transportation has been provided in Istanbul.

Transportation in Istanbul has become completely digital. Istanbulkart, which serves as a transportation and life card, offers the opportunity to travel with its mobile application, Istanbulkart Mobile, which can be downloaded free of charge to phones. The QR code payment feature offered by Istanbulkart Mobil, which performs the same function as the physical card; buses, metros, metrobuses became available in Marmaray after sea transportation. The digital card, which has been used by 14 million Istanbulites since the beginning of the year, has now started to replace the physical card. Those who use Istanbulkart Mobil can travel the city from end to end with the digital Istanbulkart in their pockets without paying card fees.

Istanbulkart Mobil makes it possible to perform payment transactions with a digital card that is defined specifically for the user, while keeping all discount rights reserved. It digitizes the public transportation network in Istanbul end-to-end by calculating transfer and distance-based charges.

BELBİM AŞ General Manager and İBB Subsidiaries Technology Group President Nihat NARİN said, “We are very happy to offer services that will carry Istanbul to the place it deserves with its thousands of years of history. With the participation of Marmaray, we took one more step towards becoming a smart city by digitizing all public transportation payments in Istanbul end-to-end with Istanbulkart Mobil.” said.


In the absence of a physical Istanbulkart, the QR code access feature from Istanbulkart Mobil prevents the purchase of a new card. Previously, when the physical card was lost, the discount rights that the person had were also lost. Now, with this digital application, the person is prevented from losing their discount rights.

Istanbulkart Mobil, which raises the user experience to the next level with its modern design and user-friendly interface, can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play, App Store and Huawei App application markets.


  • Istanbulkart Mobile is downloaded by typing "Istanbulkart" in Google Play, App Store and Huawei App application markets.
  • The membership process is started by entering the phone number on the opening screen of the application.
  • After the agreements and permissions are approved, the membership process is completed.
  • It is made ready for use by loading the balance on the digital card defined in its name.
  • Tap on the “Pay QR” option on the main screen.
  • The QR code on the phone is read by the camera on the switch device or
  • The QR code on the pass device is read by the phone's camera.
  • The migration is complete.

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