İSKİ to Recruit 223 Contracted Personnel

ISKI Will Recruit Contractual Personnel
İSKİ to Recruit 223 Contracted Personnel

To be employed within the body of the General Directorate of Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration, subject to Article 5393 of the Municipality Law No. 49; 223 contracted personnel will be recruited to the vacant positions specified below, provided that they have the position, number, qualifications and other conditions.

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The following are the general and special conditions to be complied with in the applications to be made for the vacant positions within the General Directorate of Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration.

Applicants to be appointed to the positions announced shall have the following general conditions stated in paragraph (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

  • a. To be a Turkish citizen,
  • b. Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • c. Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; offenses against the security of the state even if he has been sentenced to one year or more for a crime committed intentionally or amnesty, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, misconduct not to be convicted of bankruptcy, mischief in tender, mischief in performance of the act, money laundering or smuggling,
  • D. In terms of military service for male candidates; not to be involved in military service, or not to be of military age, or, if he has reached the age of military service, to have performed active military service or to be postponed or transferred to the reserve class,
  • to. Not have a mental illness or physical disability that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,
  • f. Carrying out other application requirements for the announced positions,
  • g. Having no inconvenience in taking office as a result of the Security Investigation and/or Archive Research to be made.


  • a. Not being expelled from public institutions and organizations where they worked before due to lack of discipline or moral reasons.
  • b. Not having completed the age of 30 on the date of the exam (those born on 12/09/1992 and later),
  • c. For the announced positions, if the sought-after education is completed abroad; Equivalency certificates given by the Ministry of National Education for secondary education institutions and by the Council of Higher Education for higher education will be processed,

    D. In the positions where foreign language requirement is required, procedures will be carried out in accordance with the Directive on Determining the Equivalence of Foreign Language Exams prepared by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center Presidency in accordance with the sixth paragraph of Article 6114 of the Law No. 7, and their own legislation will be taken into account during the validity periods of the exams. (YDS requirement for graduates of Undergraduate Programs of Higher Education Institutions whose language of instruction is 100% foreign language (Undergraduate)
    will not be searched.)

Candidates who want to take the exam must fill in the APPLICATION FORM electronically at ​​between 15/08/2022 – 19/08/2022.

The information and documents requested from the candidates will be provided by the institution through the e-Government Gateway.

Candidates will only apply electronically via ​​between 15/08/2022 and 19/08/2022.
If needed, documents may be requested from the candidates for the declared information.

Candidates can only apply to one of the announced positions.

Our institution is not responsible for applications that are not made on time and incomplete applications. Applications made by post or e-mail will not be considered.

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