International Folk Dance Festival Enthusiasm Surrounded Kartal's Neighborhoods

International Folk Dance Festival Enthusiasm Covered Kartalin Neighborhoods
International Folk Dance Festival Enthusiasm Surrounded Kartal's Neighborhoods

Kartal International Folk Dance Festival, which was opened by Kartal Municipality and has already taken its place among the most important folk dance festivals of the country, has turned into a great feast by moving to the districts of the district. People of Kartal flocked to the festival grounds to watch the colorful shows staged by different countries on the second and third days of the festival.

The International Folk Dance Festival, organized by Kartal Municipality, also reached the neighborhoods of Kartal. On the second day of the festival, with the participation of nearly 12 artists from 850 different countries, including Turkey. Cevizli Neighborhood and Solidarity Square, and on the third day, Yakacık Square witnessed the unique performances of the artists with their colorful clothes and dances that convey the cultures of their countries.

On the second day of the festival, which took place between 27 August and 1 September Cevizli Festival participants, who met on Çınar Street, formed a cortege. Cevizli He reached the Neighborhood and Solidarity Square. After the performances held between 16.30 and 20.00, exquisite performances were held in Kartal Square until 24.00 at night.

The International Folk Dance Festival was moved to Yakacık Square on its third day. Gathering on Yakacık Street, the participants formed a cortege towards Yakacık Square and reached the square with centuries-old plane trees.

The participants, who participated in the giant aunt set up here, then performed their shows on the stage prepared in Yakacık Square. Citizens participating in the festival were fascinated by the performances that took place for about five hours. When the clocks showed 20.00:XNUMX, the festival moved to Kartal Square and tens of different groups from many countries took the stage here until midnight.

Organized in cooperation with Acıbadem University, where 12 folklore groups from 16 different countries, including Turkey, and nearly 850 artists came together, the giant organization reached the venues of Egypt, Romania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia. continued with the unforgettable performances of the teams participating from the TRNC and Turkey.

The International Kartal Culture and Art Festival, which was held in 1977 by the then Mayor Mehmet Ali Büklü and was interrupted for a long time after being held at regular intervals, came to life in Kartal in 2022 with its new name and new format under the leadership of Kartal Mayor Gökhan Yüksel. The square hosted the festival again after many years.

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