UAV, SİHA and İKU's Become Terrorists' Fear

UAVs, SIHAs and IKUs Became Terrorists' Fearful Dream
UAV, SİHA and İKU's Become Terrorists' Fear

In the 8-month period of this year, 26 hours of flight were carried out with the domestic and national elements of the Ministry of Interior, UAV / SİHA and IKUs, and many incidents from terrorism to natural disasters were intervened. With the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SİHA) and Manned Reconnaissance Aircraft (IKU), which are in the inventory of the Gendarmerie General Command, the General Directorate of Security and the Coast Guard Command, 730 hours of flight were carried out in the 2022-month period of 8. by setting a record, the longest time spent in the air compared to previous years was reached.

With UAVs, SİHAs and IKUs, 2017 thousand 10 hours of flight in 260, 2018 thousand 15 hours in 160, 2019 thousand 25 hours in 351, 2020 thousand 38 hours in 33 and 2021 thousand 34 hours in 293 were realized. .

Terrorists Have Been A Fearful Dream

UAVs/SİHAs and IKUs produced with domestic and national resources are used effectively by the Ministry of Interior in many areas from fighting terrorism to natural disasters such as fire and flood.

Especially in the country, the UAV/SİHA/IKU's, which played an active role in bringing the PKK terrorist organization to an end, became a nightmare for the members of the terrorist organization. Thanks to the UAV/SİHA/IKU's, the organization's undertaking, logistics and mobility capabilities have largely come to an end.

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