One of Istanbul's Landmarks, Historical Moda Pier Revived

Fashion Pier, one of Istanbul's landmarks, came to life again
One of Istanbul's Landmarks, Moda Pier Revived

İBB has completed the restoration and re-functioning of Moda Pier, one of the oldest and most iconic works of Istanbul. Istanbul; It met again with a historically important work with its library, cafe and ferryboats. KadıköyIMM President, who attended the ceremony held for the reopening of the elegant symbol of Ekrem İmamoğlu, "We KadıköyWe will serve Sultanbeyli as much as we serve Turkey. If you cannot equate Gaziosmanpaşa and Bakırköy, you cannot be the mayor of Istanbul.” Emphasizing that they will protect Istanbul's spirituality and thousands of years of history, İmamoğlu said, “I promise you at the first moment that unlawfulness and injustice will disappear; We will also eliminate the occupation on the Islands Pier," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the opening of Moda Pier, whose restoration was completed within the scope of “150 projects in 150 days”. Reminding that they told the people of Istanbul that they would definitely implement the idle sea structures in the most correct way when they came to work, İmamoğlu stated that they brought the Moda Pier to the city as a requirement of this promise. Noting that the historical feature of the building was handled with a half-assed process before, İmamoğlu said, “There were many buildings in Istanbul that upset us in this sense. We take it one by one. And these steps we've taken are really big things. I think there is something special to you that breaks your heart, frowns, despairs, you know. If it breaks away from you, you will become the most unhappy and hopeless person in the world. But if you catch and feel those feelings, those feelings that belong to you very closely, then you look at the world with hope. In fact, this is the biggest difference between the Moda Pier yesterday and today.”


Emphasizing that they have increased the share of sea transportation by 25 percent in three years, IMM President said, “Now, our main goal is to increase the number of passengers in Istanbul even more. So, of course, we experienced a pandemic process from time to time. When you look at it, we walked through this process by making the most accurate analysis, reinforcing the infrastructure and solving the structural problems related to maritime transportation. Our introduction of water taxis is really a special case in Istanbul. Let me tell you more specifically. We produced 50 of the 50 Sea Taxi in our own shipyard. We produced it in the shipyard that Fatih Sultan Mehmet entrusted to us. The door of the Golden Horn Shipyard was locked. It was a facility that did not even produce 1 million lira per year. We produced 132 million liras here last year. It produces its own Sea Taxi and continues to produce sea vehicles with different equipment.”


Stating that the young people will love Moda Pier with its library, cafe and performance areas, Mayor İmamoğlu stated that they bring equal services to every region of Istanbul. Stating that the IMM Heritage unit, which preserves the historical structures of the city and transfers them to future generations, has become the city's brand, İmamoğlu continued as follows:

“For 25 years, you know, a completely forgotten place where IMM services are almost non-existent. KadıköyWe took over. an old KadıköyI am partly a witness of these years. But now that period is over. We KadıköyWe will serve Sultanbeyli as much as we serve Turkey. If you cannot equate Gaziosmanpaşa and Bakırköy, you cannot be the mayor of Istanbul. After that, Istanbul took this taste. He will never abandon this egalitarian principle.


Expressing that the sole owner of the city is 16 million Istanbulites, İmamoğlu said, “In fact, we entrust the rights of Istanbul to Istanbulites. We convey the rights of Istanbul to the people of Istanbul as a service. As we stay away from waste, favoritism and partisanship, we have become more invested in Istanbul. By Allah and by Allah, Istanbul's budget coffers are full of abundance. Because there are no wasters. There are no wasters. Abundance is full. I sometimes wonder how we can invest so much despite these difficult conditions. Believe me, 16 million people have prayers. The Creator is with us. And our safe is filled with blessings with your prayers.”


"We will protect the spirituality of Istanbul and its thousands of years of history," said the IMM President, "We will protect every color of Istanbul. As an administration that respects the elements of freedom of every belief, every lifestyle, we saved the fashion dock today. There's a little time left. I promise you at the first moment that lawlessness and injustice will disappear; We will also eliminate the occupation on the Islands Pier," he said.


Speaking at the program organized for the resumption of the historical pier, Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı expressed his satisfaction, “KadıköyWe have stated that people would like to see the historical Mobile Pier as a pier again. Our request was for a sign to be hung on the pier to show our intentions. Dear IMM President, he stated that they have the same sensitivity. He immediately assigned his friends, and in the same week, the fashion pier sign was hung on the historical pier, as it used to be, showing that the mentality had changed and watching the locked piers from afar with anxiety. KadıköyHe sprinkled water on the hearts of the people”.

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