Guard Exam Results Announced! 2022 Guard Exam Result Inquiry

Waiting Exam Results Announced Waiting Exam Results Inquiry

📩 05/08/2022 12:23

The countdown for the guard exam results has ended. After the Bazaar and Neighborhood Guard exam held on July 17, eyes were turned to the result date. With the announcement made by the Ministry of National Education, the results of the guard exam were announced. Candidates who take the exam will be able to learn the exam results on the guard exam result inquiry screen.

The written exam of the guard started at 17:2022 on Sunday, July 10.00, 100. It was held in the provincial centers of Ankara, Batman, Elazig, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir and Sivas. In the written exam, which took place with the participation of thousands of candidates, 120 questions were asked to the candidates and a total of XNUMX minutes was given to answer them. Candidates answered questions from the areas they are responsible for in the exam. With the end of the exam period, the countdown for the results has ended.

The 2022 watchdog written exam results were announced on 05 August 2022 at the address of the Ministry of National Education.

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  • Evaluation will be made out of 100 points, and those who score 50 (fifty) and above will be considered successful, taking into account the scores calculated by subtracting one quarter of the number of wrong answers from the number of correct answers.
  • The scores of the candidates who get minus points as a result of the success score calculation will be completed to 0 (zero).
  • As a result of an error in the answer key and this issue is determined by the decision of the Central Examination Board, the question/questions will not be canceled, and these question/questions will be included in the assessment by taking into account the correct options of the incorrect question/s.
  • During the evaluation, the question/questions that are decided to be canceled by the decision of the Central Examination Board or the judicial authorities are excluded from the evaluation and scoring is done by recalculating the point value of the valid question/questions.


1. Candidates who are successful in the Written Exam are taken to the Physical Proficiency Exam.

2.Physical Proficiency Examination Committee evaluates and selects candidates according to the principles set forth below by seeing the current situation of the candidate personally.

  • a) Physical Proficiency Exam; It is applied in order to evaluate the candidate's physical ability and physical structure.
  • b) The duration of the candidate in the Physical Proficiency Exam is followed by meters that can be seen by those present at the exam venue.
  • c) Physical Proficiency Exam is evaluated over one hundred full points. Candidates who score below sixty points as a result of the exam are considered unsuccessful. The commission makes a decision about the unsuccessful candidates as "Cannot Become a Candidate for the Bazaar and Neighborhood Watch" and the unsuccessful candidates cannot pass the oral examination stage.

3. Physical Proficiency Exam dates, places, exam track and score sheet, and issues concerning the candidates will be determined by the instruction prepared by the Police Academy Presidency and announced on the official website of the Police Academy Presidency ( In addition, candidates can receive mail, telephone, etc. Notifications will not be made by means of communication. Announcement made over the internet is a notification.


1. Candidates who are successful in the physical proficiency exam are subjected to an oral exam by the oral exam commission at the place and time to be announced to them on the official website of the Police Academy Presidency (

2. During the exam, the candidates will be given a card with the questions prepared on general culture topics and sufficient time will be given to think about the subject and make a presentation. External questions may also be asked to the candidate by the commission regarding the subject.

3. Candidates,

  • a) The level of knowledge about the subject,
  • b) To grasp what is asked of him,
  • c) Self-confidence,
  • ç) Ability to express,
  • d) The ability to use body language will be evaluated according to five different criteria and each criterion will be evaluated over a total of (20) full points (100) points.

4. Those who get at least (100) points out of (70) in the oral exam will be considered successful.

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