Women Entrepreneurs Draw Attention to Zero Waste in the Kitchen

Women Entrepreneurs Attract Attention To Zero Waste In The Kitchen
Women Entrepreneurs Draw Attention to Zero Waste in the Kitchen

BTSO Kitchen Academy, which was established by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with the aim of meeting the qualified personnel needs of the food and beverage industry, hosted the TOBB Bursa Women Entrepreneurs Board.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Bursa Women Entrepreneurs Board (KGK) August Executive Board Meeting was hosted by BTSO Kitchen Academy. After the meeting attended by TOBB Bursa KGK President and Eastern Marmara Region Representative Sevgi Saygın and Executive Board Members, women entrepreneurs entered the kitchen and displayed their skills.

KGK Executive Board Members prepared meals using zero waste practices at the workshop event held in the presence of experienced chefs of BTSO Kitchen Academy. Entrepreneurs who prepared Ottoman watermelon dessert with the inner white layer of watermelon, sherbet with basil from watermelon juice, and watermelon ice cream from the pulp used the outer shell of the watermelon as a skin mask.


TOBB Bursa KGK President Sevgi Saygın emphasized the importance of spreading the zero waste culture in terms of sustainable social, environmental and economic development and poverty reduction. Noting that they wanted to raise awareness about a waste-free and waste-free kitchen with the event held at BTSO Kitchen Academy, Saygın said, “Tons of food is thrown away every day around the world. Apart from the economic side of this, it also has a great burden on conscience. A great deal of effort is spent on every food item from the field to our tables. In order to prevent waste, we must first evaluate when the products we use in the kitchen are truly garbage. Products seen as waste in the kitchen can turn into different dishes. Today, we had the opportunity to experience this with our chefs here. We believe that the zero waste culture will continue to develop in our country with the Zero Waste project carried out under the auspices of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, and we thank BTSO Kitchen Academy for this beautiful event.” said.

TOBB Bursa KGK members also received information from BTSO Board Member Irmak Aslan about the vision of BTSO Kitchen Academy and the work done.

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