Farewell to Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı, Person of Science and Politics

Science and Politics Humane Adnan Akyarliya Farewell
Farewell to Adnan Akyarlı, Person of Science and Politics

Izmir City Council President and İZELMAN A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı was sent off to his last journey with tears. The first ceremony for Adnan Akyarlı, who was buried in Urla, was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. His family, fans, important names in science, politics and business, as well as many of his students, came together to say goodbye to Akyarlı. At the ceremony, the President said that Akyarlı's name will be immortalized in an educational institution. Tunç Soyer“We will keep his memory alive forever,” he said.

The unforgettable name of the world of science and politics, the President of Izmir City Council and İZELMAN A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı was bid farewell to his last journey. A ceremony was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center for Adnan Akyarlı, who died the previous day at the Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital, where he had been treated for a while. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the ceremony. Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer, Akyarlı's family, Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir deputies Murat Minister, Kamil Okyay Sındır, Tacettin Bayır, Atila Sertel, CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel and the provincial administration, district mayors, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, İZELMAN family, political party representatives, former mayors and deputies, council members, city council presidents, heads of chambers, unions and cooperatives, academics and many citizens attended.

“We will keep his memory alive forever”

At the ceremony, Adnan Akyarlı's coffin, wrapped in the Turkish flag, was put on the stage among the flowers. The film, which tells the successful life story of Akyarlı, a lover of İzmir, Turkey and Atatürk, had emotional moments.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“Our pain is so great. Indeed, Turkey has lost an intellectual, a revolutionary struggle person. Humanity has lost a sage. He was a scientist, a politician, a very good educator. If he was talking about something scientific, he would explain it so well, even to those who didn't know it. He would give such a political lesson to the politician… He would make everyone understand. He was very virtuous. Can hypocrisy, anger, hypocrisy be this far from a person? Do goodness, tolerance, humility, patience and honesty meet in a person like this? That's why our pain is so great. We will cherish his memory forever. We plan to keep his name alive in an educational institution. Thank you," he said.

“He taught me to do politics with principled compromises”

Akyarlı's close friend and CHP İzmir Deputy Murat Minister said, “The world of science lost its scientist, the founder of the city council, and politicians lost their brother. Adnan Akyarli is immortal. His name will live on forever with his works. He is a person who will add value to the place we named him. He always used to say to me, when my tongue was a little sharp, 'We should do politics with principled compromises'. We made politics with principled compromises at a time when Turkey was most polarized,” he said.

The President of the Barrier-Free Izmir Congress Assoc. Dr. Levent Köstem, on the other hand, had emotional moments on the microphone. After Köstem said, "He was a very good-hearted person," he could not hold back his tears and got off the stage.

“I bid farewell to his grandfather, whom İzmir will miss without knowing, to eternity”

At the ceremony, Akyarlı's daughters came to the stage to bid farewell to their father on his last journey. Ayşın Akyarlı Savatlı said, “I bid farewell to not only my only father, but also my greatest friend, my guide, my wise leader who enlightened my thoughts, my greatest source of pride in life, his wife who loved my mother with endless love, his biggest fan, and his grandfather, whom my future daughter İzmir will miss without knowing it. His memories, his teachings, his chains of love will always be with us, ”she said.

His other daughter, Ayşegül Akyarlı, said, “I lost my wisest mentor, my best confidant, my only father. He was the most modern person I have ever known. He was the best lover. He was a unique person with a good heart, hardworking, productive and constantly teaching.”

“This is immortality, my dear brother”

Akyarlı's 40-year friend Prof. Dr. Lawyer Necdet Basa made an emotional speech and said, “We will accompany you with the positive energy you constantly spread, the students you raise, your loved ones, thousands and tens of thousands of people. That is immortality, my dear brother. You are a symbol of honesty, a true democrat. This is immortality. You have never left the scientific path that Atatürk enlightened and you have always spread this to your students and friends. This commemoration ceremony is a very respectable example of the gratitude that will carry you to eternity.”

A world where art, sports and books are spoken…

İZELMAN General Manager Burak Alp Ersen stated that they bid farewell to a very wise intellectual and said, “Since the first day, we have worked on the path of reason and science. It is a great honor to be with such a virtuous and wise man. Our teacher made a great contribution to making İZELMAN like a family today. He left lasting marks in every aspect of our lives. As the İZELMAN family, I promise that we will complete every project we start. We will work for a world where art, sports and books are spoken, not guns," he said.

“Some people continue to teach after they leave”

Speaking on behalf of the İzmir Thought Community, CHP İzmir Former Era Deputy Zeynep Altıok Akatlı said, “Today, we say goodbye to an intellectual who is worried about the problems of the society he lives in and does not hesitate to take responsibility. There are some people who continue to teach and lead after they leave. Your struggle with the young people you raise is our struggle. We will continue to work with a revolutionary struggle for a bright Turkey.”

“We had more work to do”

İzmir City Council Deputy Chairman Nusret Doğan Albayrak said, “He formed very important working groups for İzmir, for the people of İzmir. He established 28 working groups ranging from retirement age to agriculture, from urban transformation to headmen, from gender equality to children. "We had a lot more work to do," he said.

“We lost our teacher, our brother”

Izmir City Councils Union Term Sözcüsü İbrahim İncesu said, “We will never forget his contributions to the City Council and our country's democracy. This separation came too soon. We will continue to follow his path. His struggle is our struggle," he said.
Speaking on behalf of the Turkish City Councils Platform, İsmail Kumru said, “We brought the story that we started with 2010 city councils in 40 to 110 city councils. He formed a very good team in Izmir. The legacy of our teacher Adnan will continue in both Turkish city councils and Izmir city councils.

Farewell with the verses of Nazım Hikmet

After the speeches, the Grup Yorum song composed by the great master Nazım Hikmet Ran's poem “Goodbye, My Friends” was listened to with Akyarlı's photographs. Akyarlı's fans left red carnations on Akyarlı's coffin after the ceremony.
After the ceremony, Akyarlı was brought to Küçükyalı Hamidiye Mosque. After the funeral prayer performed after the afternoon prayer, Akyarlı's body was buried in the Urla Zeytinalanı Cemetery.

Educator, revolutionary and a Kemalist İzmir lover: Prof. Dr. Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı: He was born in Adapazarı in 1949. He completed his primary education in Mardin, Bursa and Edremit, secondary education at Edremit High School, and high school education at Eskişehir Atatürk High School. Akyarlı graduated from ITU Civil Engineering Faculty in 1971 as a "Civil Engineer". He received the title of "Professor" twice in the "Marine Technology" branches. He graduated from "Tourism Management and Hotel Management" and then "Web Design and Coding" programs within the scope of "Second University". Akyarlı continued his education in the “Local Administrations” program.

Akyarlı, who took various management responsibilities at Ege and Dokuz Eylül Universities Civil Engineering and Dokuz Eylül University Marine Sciences and Technology Institute between 1972-1998, retired in 1998.
During this period, he managed about seventy-five national and international projects, and left around 320 works published in the country and abroad.

Between 1998 and 2009, he worked as a senior manager in a company in Turkey-Belgium partnership and undertook important roles in the private sector. Akyarlı served as the "Deputy Chairman of the Izmir Metropolitan Assembly and the Deputy Chairman of the Zoning Commission" and "Vice Chairman of the Konak Municipality Council and the Chairman of the Zoning Commission" between 2009 and 2014, and as the Chairman of the Science, Management and Culture Platform Urban Transformation Commission within the CHP Izmir Provincial Presidency. .

Akyarlı, the Founding and Honorary President of Konak City Council, the Former President of Karabağlar City Council, the Founding Term Secretary of the Izmir City Councils Union and the Founding Term President of the Turkish City Councils Platform, became a founding member of many professional organizations, associations, foundations and the new generation Bioeconomy Cooperative. .

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