EGO Activated Cleaning Tracking System

EGO Activated Cleaning Tracking System
EGO Activated Cleaning Tracking System

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works without slowing down for a safe and comfortable transportation in the Capital. EGO General Directorate launched the 'Cleaning Tracking System' application for citizens to travel more hygienically and healthily in public transportation vehicles. With the application, cleaning and disinfection works carried out in vehicles are transferred to the digital environment.

Continuing its efforts for a more comfortable and safe transportation to the capital city residents, the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new project.

While continuing to work on a 7/24 basis to expand the transportation network, the EGO General Directorate has also activated the 'Cleaning Tracking System' for citizens to travel in a healthier and more hygienic environment. Within the scope of the application, cleaning and disinfection works carried out in public transportation vehicles were transferred to the digital environment.

400 Thousand TL SAVED

Thanks to the application made by the EGO General Directorate with its own resources, 400 thousand TL is saved, while it is aimed to monitor the cleaning processes of the buses serving with the application more efficiently, to keep the statistical data retrospective, and to respond to incoming requests and complaints more quickly and effectively.

Giving information on the subject, EGO General Directorate Bus Department Head Yahya Şanlıer said:

“Bus Cleaning Tracking System software studies have been completed by the EGO Information Processing Department. After the analysis studies carried out with the Bus Operations Department, the software studies were completed and the necessary training was given to the personnel who will use the system. Thanks to the system, the normal or detailed cleaning information of each EGO bus and the information of the personnel in charge of cleaning will be recorded on a daily basis. Necessary location information is integrated into the system so that the personnel using the system can reach the bus location in large EGO region areas.”

The personnel who participated in the training for the application expressed their thoughts as follows:

Ahmet Gökdemir (Driver): “It is a good application. It makes our job even easier. We will be able to see the cleaned vehicles instantly and this will increase our working capacity.”

Kudret Like (Driver): “Thanks to the program, we will be able to monitor the cleanliness of our vehicles very easily. We will see our shortcomings and take faster steps in closing them.”

Zeki Çimen (Driver): “I think the application will be beneficial for our business. It is a very good application to see our shortcomings and intervene immediately.”

İlyas Kahraman (Driver): “Words fly, writing remains. In fact, it is an application that should have been done long ago, but now makes our work much easier. Bless the efforts of those who think."

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