ASPİLSAN Energy Turkey's 33rd Company Conducting the Most R&D Projects

ASPILSAN Energy Turkey's Largest R&D Project Company
ASPİLSAN Energy Turkey's 33rd Company Conducting the Most R&D Projects

ASPİLSAN Energy became the 2021rd company in our country that carried out the most projects in 33, according to the number of R&D projects. According to the "R&D 250" research, ASPİLSAN Energy became the 2021rd company in our country that carried out the most projects in the "Top 100 According to the Number of Projects Conducted in the R&D Center" category in 33.

While ASPİLSAN Energy has been responding to the energy needs of the defense industry for 41 years, it has expanded its portfolio significantly with new products by turning to different sectors with its innovative and visionary solutions it has produced in recent years.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, who made a statement regarding the importance ASPİLSAN Energy attaches to R&D activities in order to reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy needs, said: became ASPİLSAN Energy's most important issue in 2021 in terms of transformation and growth. As ASPİLSAN Energy, we have come a long way in producing batteries locally and nationally.

As ASPİLSAN Energy, we closely follow the innovative solutions and advanced technologies in our sector in our four R&D centers located in Kayseri, Ankara, Istanbul and Edirne. In our R&D centers, we have made significant progress in high-tech battery design projects for ASELSAN, TUSAŞ and Roketsan products. These batteries will make significant contributions to the domestic and national production of our country's critical defense systems.

At our Ankara R&D Center, we have completed the installation of an infrastructure that is capable of developing and designing batteries and will support raw material producers. In this R&D center, which will be a base for our country's battery studies, we serve all our stakeholders regarding all kinds of tests, small or large, for battery production and development. Similarly, thanks to a contract we signed with TUBITAK Rail Transport Technologies Institute (RUTE), we are jointly carrying out battery development studies.

In our Istanbul R&D Center, we left an important stage behind by revealing the first prototypes of hydrogen and fuel cell studies in 2021. We presented both our electrolyzer and fuel cell prototypes to the public. The importance of these works became even more evident after the signing of the Paris Convention. In the coming period, our work on this subject will accelerate even more. kazanhe will be tired.

Our Product Portfolio Expanded Within Civil Sectors

When we look at different markets and new products, we have entered an important market by localizing various rail system batteries. In parallel with the metro and train investments made in our country, we have achieved the results of our investments in the field of rail system batteries and provided our first domestic Rail System batteries to our enterprises and manufacturers.

In addition, we started to provide our first products for different naval platforms. In addition, we have taken a step into a new market by deciding to produce batteries for household appliances together with Arçelik. Again, we have made important collaborations in two different sectors with our telecom batteries and e-mobility batteries. We also entered the civil aviation market thanks to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification, which we completed in 2021. In this respect, we can say that 2021 has been a productive year for the R&D projects carried out by ASPİLSAN Energy.

With the aim of strengthening our country's industry with the efforts of Turkish engineers with domestic and national resources, we will continue to research and develop with firm steps, without leaving our strategy.”

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