ABB Career Center Will Be Hope for Capitalists Seeking Jobs

ABB Career Center Will Be Hope for Job Seekers
ABB Career Center Will Be Hope for Capitalists Seeking Jobs

Accelerating its efforts to increase employment in the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has now implemented the 'Career Center' project, which will serve as a bridge between job seekers and employers.

The center in the Youth Park, where consultancy services are provided by expert teams; It brings together companies seeking personnel and citizens seeking employment. The Career Center has attracted great interest since the day it was opened.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its projects to contribute to employment without slowing down.

ABB, which has carried out exemplary works in the fight against unemployment, has now implemented a new project that will serve as a bridge between job seekers and employers. The 'Career Center' was opened for the first time within the Metropolitan Municipality.

Thanks to the consultancy services provided by the expert teams, those who register to the center are directed to the job position according to their qualifications and abilities in line with the personnel demands of the companies.


The Career Center, which was established to support the solution of the unemployment problem and where citizens looking for a job in different occupational groups can apply between 08.30-17.30 on weekdays, attracts great attention from the citizens of the Capital.

Specialized personnel in the Career Center located at Ulus Youth Park Doğanbey Mahallesi, Hisarparkı Caddesi, No:14/12 Altındağ, which is affiliated to the Department of Business and Affiliates of ABB; It provides qualified consultancy services to job seekers on obtaining a profession, career planning, CV preparation, effective use of job search channels and interview processes.

The center brings together employers and citizens seeking employment in line with the blue-collar and white-collar personnel needs of companies seeking personnel in the private sector.


Stating that they aim to meet the priority needs of the citizens of the Capital with the understanding of social municipality, Head of Business and Subsidiaries Murat Sarıarslan summarized that they want to build a bridge between employers and job seekers through the center with the following words:

“Our employment office, which has been operating since May, is a center where we bring job seekers and job seekers together in Ankara, and was established with the aim of bringing the right worker together with the right employer. In the office located in Youth Park; We bring together hundreds of companies with thousands of our citizens free of charge through our career experts. As ABB, we will continue to stand by our citizens as part of the fight against unemployment.”


ABB Career Center Administrative Affairs Manager Orhan Koçak stated that as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, they will continue to support job seekers.

“We are trying to bring together companies that are looking for personnel as much as our citizens who are looking for jobs. We are trying to support our citizens in the unemployment process. Here, we inform our citizens who are looking for a job about getting a job, the effective use of job search channels, and the processes after the interview and interview. In this context, we actually prepare our citizens for business life. We support them with the advertisements we receive and enable them to produce in real terms. Our activities will continue to increase day by day.''

Webhelp Consulting Company Human Resources Recruitment Manager Yasemin Ayaz, who said that they are very happy to cooperate with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, also expressed her thoughts, "We contacted the Career Center for warehouse personnel in Ankara and came together to interview candidates. We will reduce unemployment by hiring new candidates,'' he said.


Job seekers who show great interest in the Career Center; They thanked the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which implemented the project in order to contribute to employment, with the following words:

Elif Yaren Ozcan: “I just graduated and I was worried about finding a job. I am very happy that such an opportunity has arisen.”

Damla Aleyna Simsek: “I have been unemployed for a long time. I just discovered the Career Center, so I hope all goes well.”

Esra Ozturk: “Getting a job is our biggest wish. I am very happy when I see such projects. I hope everyone gets their wish soon. I would like to thank everyone who contributed."

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