Why Are Backpacks So Popular as a Promotional Item?

Why Backpacks Are So Popular As A Promotional Item
Why Backpacks Are So Popular As A Promotional Item

We are often asked why promotional backpacks are as popular as a gift, corporate giveaway or marketing item. With some styles selling tens of thousands of units, the consensus is that this product offers very fundamental advantages in brand promotion for many companies, clubs and organizations. Most of our customers use at least one style of backpack in their marketing and promotional products. Why are backpacks so popular as a promotional item? Let's find out.

The unique features of backpacks that make them suitable for brand promotion are:

1- Longevity – A quality promotional backpack can last for 10 years and should offer the buyer maximum brand visibility.

2- Cost Effective – Backpacks can be quite simple to turn into a cost-effective product, and there are options to suit all budgets.

3- Quality and Style – Equally sophisticated and custom backpacks, though more expensive, can offer unlimited features for customers with a discerning taste for quality and style.

4- High Brand Likelihood - promotional backpacks, It offers wide branding spaces to convey your brand and message to your target market.

5- Usability – We give promotional backpacks a 5 Star rating in the usability category. Usually the simple but useful backpack is rarely thrown away and transcends age and gender, used everywhere such as sporting events, education, travel, school, team building, days at the beach, wilderness and corporate gifts.

6- Wide Variety – Promotional backpacks are available in a variety of materials that offer many options for the corporate company to meet their specific needs and budget.

Promotional Corporate Backpack

Backpacks used for the functional purpose for which they are designed offer a great platform to showcase your brand in your market. This, combined with the fact that more and more customers are demanding more environmentally friendly products, highlighted the need to incorporate new materials into backpacks that offer sustainable and ethical considerations to customers when marketing their companies. These corporate responsibilities are an expected part of today's corporate environment.

Promotional Backpack Made from Washable Fabrics

This sees the introduction of natural cotton, hemp and yes, washable fabrics. Washable fabric is a cellulose-based material that uses wood fibers and has the look and feel of suede leather, but is also a vegan, water- and tear-resistant raw material. If you're designing a bag from scratch, the variety of fabrics and materials is endless and all available to you through Corporate Authority.

On a recent trip and out hiking with some friends, I asked one of them where they had found it using a branded backpack. They mentioned it was given to them by a friend who had bought it at work but had a similar promotional backpack. Due to the nature of my background, I asked if the client had the name of the company branded on the bag. He replied “no” but the quality was good and the bag was practical and therefore happy to market the brand even though he was not a direct customer. Herein lies the moment of “situation on the matter”. Demonstrating the power of a product that people find useful and need in everyday life. Even if they can't use it themselves, they will make it go to someone who can and this is where you get brand exposure and brand expansion. Moreover, your product will not fall into the trash.

Special Promotional Backpack

Late last year, our company produced a product for a customer about 11 years ago. promotional backpackI retired. I kept the sample in my office at the time and started using it after our client received his order in 2009.

With this backpack, I've traveled far, snowboarded, gone on business trips, vacationed on island beaches, and done more day trips than I can remember. All with the branding of my clients. The topic of conversation!

Sometimes you just can't beat a good product to use with your brand, and a promotional backpack is just one such product.

In the world of promotional items and the thought of cheap and cheerful giveaways, the promotional backpack is just one of many things that are helping to change that view.

With all the variety in the backpack, there is definitely something for every marketing budget. From the cheapest drawstring backpack to the most exclusive custom backpack, the team at Nobel Bags consider this a winning combination for brand awareness and display!

If you or your team need design ideas or backpacking help for your brand or corporate environment, we're here to help. Bags may not be free, but great customer service and product information certainly are.

What is a promotional backpack?

The promotional backpack is a “branded backpack”. It is in the form of a regular backpack, rucksack, rucksack or bookbag; this is a fabric sack secured with two straps and used with pockets, zippers and frames to carry the bag over the shoulder. So the only difference of promotional backpacks is that they are business promotional backpacks because of a branded logo, slogan, message, image or embroidery on the backpack.

Distributing promotional gifts such as promotional laptop backpacks, special promotional backpacks or drawstring backpack promotional bags to employees, friends, family, clients and customers is a rewarding promotional tactic. Sometimes it can be gifted to the public during a campaign or promotional sale by a brand or organization. However, there is no doubt that custom promotional backpacks remain one of the effective promotional items you should consider today.

What makes a backpack a good promotional item?

Business promotional backpacks offer a good surface area to showcase your company's logo, slogan or message. They are good promotional items because of their large print making them easily recognizable and legible.

Over the years companies, brands and businesses have learned the benefits of backpacks as a major investment to meet their marketing needs, especially adequate awareness and conversions. A branded backpack is a good way to promote your business as it stands out for being versatile and visible. Other promotional items Just like backpacks, they are a "walking billboard" due to their mobility. Therefore, you can be sure that it will not attract dust in the office or at home.

Interestingly, the good thing about custom promotional backpacks is that they are available in varieties ranging from travel backpacks, sports backpacks, business backpacks, laptop backpacks, and casual backpacks. This makes it a popular and desirable corporate gift, as its varieties meet the taste and functionality of different companies and recipients.


While branded cool items run the risk of falling out and being seen as boring by buyers, following the advice in this article will help your buyers get excited and look forward to receiving gifts from your company. Whether you're a first-time purchaser and unsure of where to start, or you're a seasoned professional ready to add a new boost to your company's sales practices, Nobel Bag It has everything you need to get started.

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