Ağbaba: 'While the Price Increases Are Advancing Meter by Meter, TurkStat Inflation is Advancing Mild by Mile'

TUIK Inflation Advances Mild by Mil while Agbaba Increases Increase Meter by Meter
Ağbaba 'While Increases Advance Meter by Meter, TurkStat Inflation Advances Mild by Mile'

CHP Deputy Chairman Veli Ağbaba evaluated the annual inflation rate of 79,60% announced by TURKSTAT for July. CHP Deputy Chairman Ağbaba; "While the price hikes are progressing meter by meter in real life, Turkstat inflation is progressing millimeter by millimeter," he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman Ağbaba made the following statement:

TurkStat managed to keep inflation below 80 percent.

TURKSTAT announced the annual increase in inflation as 79.60% in July. TURKSTAT achieved inflation below 80 percent in its own way. While the price hikes are progressing meter by meter, unfortunately, the manipulation institution TUIK inflation progresses millimeter by millimeter. Every data distorted by TUIK returns to our people as poverty. ENAG announced the annual increase in inflation as 176%, while TURKSTAT announced the annual increase in inflation as 79,60%. The difference between the public's inflation and the Turkstat inflation is 96,4 points.

The annual increase in producer inflation is 144,61%. The difference between producer inflation and consumer inflation is at the historical peak with 65 points. Even if TurkStat continues to obscure the data as much as it wants, it will not be able to prevent the reflection of this difference on the table of the people.

President Erdogan said last Monday that prices began to calm down. It is not the prices in the bazaar, the market or the market, but the figures of TURKSTAT.

This success does not happen to every economist.

Erdogan said that I am responsible for the economy. Therefore, despite all kinds of censorship, the announced 79,60 percent inflation, or 80 percent, is an Erdogan success. He said that interest is the cause and inflation is the result, and he broke the record of the last 2021 years once again by increasing the inflation rate from 19,58 percent in September 80 to 24 percent. It is not for every Babayiğit to raise the inflation rate like this. Turkey; It is Erdogan's success in putting Zimbabwe in the top 6 countries with the highest inflation in the world, along with Venezuela, Lebanon, Syria and Sudan.

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