What is a Divorce Lawyer and Which Cases Does It Hear?

What is a Divorce Lawyer and What Cases Does It Heal?
What is a Divorce Lawyer and What Cases Does He Deal With

Family law has a wide range. Divorce cases are among them. This is the de facto end of the relationship of the two spouses. Divorce can be done by agreement or by contention. Both are different concepts.

Divorce lawyers handle both cases. If you want the divorce process to end in a short time and to get the desired results, you need to work with an expert lawyer. Uncontested divorce, which is one of the cases handled by lawyers, can be completed in a short time like 1-2 sessions. But if it is contentious, it can take years.

Lawyers dealing with divorce cases help their clients to conclude the case in favor of their clients. If you want to get detailed information on divorce cases Ankara lawyer You can contact our office.

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

Ankara lawyer It also handles divorce cases. In this context, procedures such as informing the clients who want to divorce and finding a reason for divorce are carried out. In addition, lawyers are involved in the process from the opening to the end of the case.

After the divorce decision is made, first of all, the expectations of the parties regarding it are determined. Indeed, this has some consequences. In particular, child custody, establishing a personal relationship with the child, alimony, compensation and inheritance are also of interest to the parties after divorce. Divorce lawyers inform the parties on these issues and take necessary actions.

Duties of Divorce Lawyers

Ankara divorce lawyerworks for the proper completion of the case in favor of his client. For this purpose, there are tasks such as;

  1. Custody proceedings
  2. proof for divorce
  3. Alimony transactions
  4. Information on the divorce case
  5. Entering hearings
  6. Follow up on notifications
  7. writing a petition

Apart from these, she also deals with all issues related to divorce. After applying for this issue, it also examines whether the client meets the necessary conditions and determines the most appropriate one accordingly. The specific reasons for filing for divorce are as follows;

  1. very bad or degrading behavior
  2. committing crimes or leading a dishonorable life
  3. intent on life
  4. Mental illness
  5. Zina
  6. Abandonment

In this case, it is not necessary to prove that the spouse is at fault. It is sufficient to prove only the special case. Family law The general conditions of the divorce case are as follows;

  1. Shaking the marriage union
  2. Spouse's disagreement
  3. Failure to restore common life

In general terms, the plaintiff must show the fault of the spouse. However, a point that should be known is that if the plaintiff's fault is severe, the defendant can also appeal. If you want to get legal information on the divorce case, it is enough to contact.

Ankara Divorce Lawyer

Ankara divorce lawyer involved in both litigation and contentious litigation. It also helps to prepare a protocol under appropriate conditions by listening to the parties in negotiated cases. Because the judge must approve the protocol. Both cases are opened by going to the civil court of first instance.

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