Wednesday Mechanic Multi-Storey Car Park Counts Days to Opening

Carsamba Mechanic Counting The Days To Open The Multi-Storey Car Park
Wednesday Mechanic Multi-Storey Car Park Counts Days to Opening

The problem of traffic and parking, which has been experienced for many years in Çarşamba district by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, is solved with a mechanical multi-storey car park. The car park, whose rough construction has been completed, will be put into service after the test phase.

In line with the vision drawn by Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, the city's infrastructure and superstructure problems are being scalped. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has solved one of the most important problems in the districts, including the center of Samsun, with the latest technological investments, has built a 1880-storey car park with a capacity of 5 vehicles in an area of ​​214 square meters where the old market place is located in the Orta Mahalle Şehit Tuncay Kocabaş Street in Çarşamba district. In the parking lot, which will work with the domestic mechanical system, the cars will be parked not by the drivers, but by a mechanical system with an elevator. The vehicles will be taken from the parking area and delivered to their owners with the same system.


The rough construction of the project, which will breathe the traffic of the district, has been completed. The parking lot, which will be put into service after the test phase, will make Wednesday take a breather. Local residents expressed their satisfaction with the service provided. After the car park on the east side of the district, a car park will be built on the west side. On the other hand, the mechanical parking lot, which is under construction in Havza, will be completed and put into service in a short time. In addition, new parking lots will be built in Ladik, Vezirköprü, Canik and İlkadım districts.

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