Two New Stations Are Being Built on the İZBAN Line

Two New Stations Are Being Built on IZBAN Line
Two New Stations Are Being Built on the İZBAN Line

Two more stations are being added to İZBAN, one of the important links of the urban rail system in İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has opened Lale stations to Konak district and Katip Çelebi stations to Çiğli district in order to facilitate passengers' access to İZBAN. kazanwill go off. Tender for both stations will be made on 12 September.

With the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, kazanTwo new stations are being added to the 136-kilometer İZBAN line. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender on September 12 for the construction of two stations, one in Konak district and the other in Çiğli. Lale Mahallesi İZBAN Station, which will serve between Şirinyer and Kemer stations, will provide easy and direct access to the rail system network for those living in Lale and Küçükada neighborhoods. Katip Çelebi University İZBAN station, which will be located between Egekent and Ulukent stations, will facilitate the transportation of the residents of Ahmet Efendi and Balatçık neighborhoods and university students.

18 to be completed in months

The manufacturing works, which will start after the tender process, will be completed in 18 months. Within the scope of the manufacturing works, the rough construction, finishing works, mechanical and electrical productions, catenary displacement and landscaping of the 2 above-ground İZBAN train stations that will be integrated into İZBAN will be carried out.

Two stations in the same tender

In line with the project prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, upon the request of the district headmen and the residents of the neighborhood, the tender for the construction of the Lale Mahallesi İZBAN Station was put out to tender on September 21, 2021. On November 26, 2021, a contract was signed with the contractor company and then the site was delivered. The works were stopped in June after the contractor company applied for the liquidation of the work based on the temporary sixth article of the Law No. 4735 titled “Additional price difference or termination of contracts”. During this period, upon the preparation of the necessary projects for the construction of Katip Çelebi University İZBAN Station, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to build the Katip Çelebi University İZBAN station together with the Lale Mahallesi İZBAN Station.

136 kilometer line

Turkey's longest suburban line was put into service in 2010 with 80 kilometers between Aliağa and Menderes. İzmir Suburban System İZBAN line, which was built in partnership with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was first extended to Torbalı. Then, the 26-kilometer section between Tepeköy and Selçuk was put into service. İZBAN line reached 136 kilometers with the participation of Selçuk Station. The number of stations on the İZBAN line, which is 41, will increase to 43 with the commissioning of the new stations.

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