Turkey to Host Europe's Largest Cryptocurrency Event

Turkey to Host Europe's Largest Cryptocurrency Event
Turkey to Host Europe's Largest Cryptocurrency Event

📩 11/08/2022 16:36

Istanbul will host an important event for the cryptocurrency community on August 20-21. The free event, in which the names that come to mind when talking about blockchain and economy in Turkey, will take place as speakers, will be held at Zorlu PSM.

The latest trends in blockchain technologies, which have created a large economy and a comprehensive community since 2008, are discussed at events held in different parts of the world every year. This year, Istanbul will host one of the biggest crypto money events in Europe. Crypto Fest 2022, pioneered by the crypto money exchange ICRYPEX, which exists with a corporate structure in Turkey and uses technologies developed by Turkish engineers, will be held at Zorlu Performing Arts Center on August 20-21.

Sharing his evaluations of the event, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer said, “Blockchain technologies are developing with the power of the community in the focus of decentralized finance. Bringing this community together to discuss the latest trends in the industry and the future of technologies such as cryptocurrencies is stimulating for all participants. Crypto Fest 2022, which we will organize with this vision, will bring together the famous names that come to mind when it comes to blockchain, crypto money and economy in our country. “Entrepreneurs, economists, technologists and much more will meet at Crypto Fest 2022.”

The most important names of the blockchain community will meet at Zorlu PSM

In addition to ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer, journalist and economist Emin Çapa, global strategist Şant Manukyan, Selçuk Geçer, one of Turkey's leading economists, cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu, who draws attention with their initiatives in the NFT field, and technology writer Ahmet Capa, in the event program that will last for two days and will be held completely free of charge. Names like the master will take the stage with their speeches. Emphasizing that concepts such as NFT, metaverse and crypto money will be associated with disciplines such as finance, economy, marketing, gaming, e-sports and investment, Gökalp İçer said, “The world is preparing for a new future and blockchain technology is leading in this future. Crypto Fest 2022 is important because it will offer an in-depth look at the concepts that will make it easier for us to make sense of today and tomorrow. This is the reason why we make the event completely free. We want to grow the community and enable more people to get acquainted with the advantages of blockchain.”

Concerts, shows and surprise gifts

Concerts and performances will also be held within the scope of Crypto Fest 2022, which is designed to combine the panel experience with festival entertainment. Participants will have a pleasant time with the Mahmut Orhan concert that will be held at the end of the first day, as well as the music concerts and refreshments during the breaks. Reminding that Crypto Fest 20, which will host more than 21 speakers and more than 30 brands on August 100-2022, is completely free, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer concluded his evaluations with the following statements: can benefit. As ICRYPEX, we have been working for the development of the ecosystem with our own technologies and projects since 2018. We hope to meet everyone who is interested in concepts such as crypto money, NFT, blockchain and economy at Zorlu PSM on August 20-21.”

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