Transportation to Teknofest is Planned Down to the Finest Detail in Samsun

Transportation is planned down to the smallest detail in Teknofeste in Samsun
Transportation to Teknofest is Planned Down to the Finest Detail in Samsun

Preparations for the world's largest technology festival, in which hundreds of thousands of visitors will participate, continue in Samsun. Samusun Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı, TEKNOFEST Secretary General Ömer Kökçam, Provincial Police Director Dr. Ömer Urhal and his team came together with Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Ömer Ersever and his team, 30th Regional Director of Highways Rifat Silov and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality officials for studies involving traffic, security and transportation alternatives.

Governor Dağlı, who stated that there will be participation in Samsun from the surrounding provinces and abroad specifically for the festival, said, “Samsun Çarşamba Airport will host hundreds of thousands of visitors and competitors. In this sense, we are completing our preparations in order to provide the best service to our citizens and guests. We are planning the preparations and services for the Costal route, Çarşamba Airport route, parking areas and ring services down to the last detail.” said.

A Practical Solution Will Be Provided With Ring Expeditions

Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı said: “Logistics Center, Fair and Congress Center, 19 Mayıs Stadium, Yaşar Doğu Sports Hall and Tekkeköy Municipality parking lots will be at the service of the participants. Those who come to these locations with their private vehicles will park in the car parks and be transported to the festival area by ring services. Likewise, special rings will be arranged for visitors and students on their return from the airport, and they will be provided with a comfortable return to the parking areas. In the parking areas created, our police and security personnel will also help our citizens in this process.” he said.

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