Those Damaged in Last Year's Fire in Marmaris Get Their New Homes

Those who were damaged in last year's fire in Marmaris get their new homes
Those Damaged in Last Year's Fire in Marmaris Get Their New Homes

Families whose houses were damaged in the forest fire in Muğla's Marmaris district last year are getting their new houses built with the support of the state.

In the forest fire that started on July 29, 2021, work was carried out for 9 families whose houses in Osmaniye District were badly damaged.

Fire victims will live in single-storey or two-storey detached houses built according to their demands. It is planned that the houses will be delivered to the families within 10 days.

Kazım Aykutalp, 68, who toured his two-storey house, the construction of which has largely been completed, stated that right after the fire, the state was with them with all its institutions and that everything was taken care of.

We Couldn't Have Build These Houses With Our Own Possibilities

Stating that all institutions, especially the Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change Provincial Directorate, AFAD, TOKİ, Muğla Governorship, take care of them, Aykutalp said:

“Our state has followed this process very closely with all its institutions and has never left us alone. I thank them very much. The fire disaster we experienced was very dangerous and bad. After that process, our state really stood by us and provided all kinds of help. Those who work here have done good work with very good intentions.”

Aykutalp, explaining that there are a few shortcomings of the houses, said that the workmanship of the new houses is also excellent.

“We couldn't have built these houses on our own. God bless our state, he did it. They more than met my expectations. Employees of institutions representing the state and companies doing business struggled incredibly under harsh natural conditions,” said Aykutalp, adding that they were preparing to move to their homes with completely different feelings after a major disaster.

Expressing that they will start living in their new house in 10 days, Aykutalp expressed that he loves the balcony of his new house and that he wants to thank the Minister Institution by offering tea on the balcony.

They Did Better Instead of Our Burning Houses, We Are Happy

Mustafa Yücel, 75, who is preparing to move into his new home, stated that their home is beautiful and said, “They did better than our burning houses, we are happy. We will settle into our homes in a few days.” he said.

Thanking the state officials, 55-year-old Osman Egypt said that all the state institutions took a close interest in them until their house was completed.

Explaining that they experienced a great fire, Egypt said, “We are happy that our new house has been completed after the fire we experienced. May such great suffering never happen again.” used his statements.

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