The Address of the 'Flower Exchange' Application This Time Koru Metro

Address of Flower Exchange Application This Time Koru Metro
The Address of the 'Flower Exchange' Application This Time Koru Metro

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to popularize the "My Flower Swap" application throughout the city. ABB launched the first application at Batıkent, the second at Beşevler Metro Station, and the third at Koru Metro Station, which provides free exchange and maintenance for flowers in the hands of the citizens of Başkent. The booth will remain open between 08-20 August.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its human-oriented and environmentally friendly projects without slowing down.

The "My Flower Swap" application, which was initiated in cooperation with the Environmental Protection and Control Department, EGO General Directorate and ANFA Plant House, is becoming more and more widespread. The third stop of the application, the first of which was at Batıkent and the second at Beşevler Metro Station, was Koru Metro Station.


Citizens show great interest in the application, which provides free exchange and maintenance opportunities for the flowers and plants in their hands. Burak Taşkesti, Head of Herbal Application of ABB Environmental Protection and Control Department, shared the following information about the application:

“We started the exchange like flowers, which we started with the aim of instilling nature and environmental awareness in people and conveying the right care information about plants, in the first place at Batıkent, Beşevler and now at Koru Metro Station. Flowers attract a lot of attention from citizens. We will continue to open our stand to the desired regions in line with the demands.”


The flower exchange application, which will be carried out through stands to be set up on different dates and at different addresses, will continue under the Koru Metro Station between 08-20 August 2022.

Citizens who came to Koru Metro Station to care for their flowers and exchange them expressed their thoughts on the application with the following words:

Türkan Gezer (Mayor of Koru Neighborhood): “We were touched that such an event was held in Koru Metro. We love to grow plants in our homes. I informed the residents of the neighborhood and they were very happy with this application. It is a really nice activity to touch people's souls, add excitement to them and make hearts bloom with these applications. My observation as a headman is this; Neighborhood residents are very happy with these activities, the public needs social awareness activities.”

Selda Grass: “I love flowers. I brought my flowers and exchanged them. There are so many flowers that I like here. Giving information about the care of flowers is also very helpful. I would never have thought of it, it was an interesting application, I liked it very much.”

Irem Gul Nazli: “It was a very colorful idea. This activity made me happy. I had questions about the land, and I had the opportunity to find answers to them.”

Kezban Clean: “I really like this app. I love flowers. When I saw the flowers as I was passing by, I was heartbroken.”

Gulten Clean: “It is a very good application. Human oriented thought. I found my favorite flower here and traded it. The flower connects people to life.”

River Toy: “I grow flowers with my mother. People throw the flowers away when they rot. But now they can bring their flowers and easily care for them here. I added new flowers among my flowers and I was happy.”

Turgut Gumustekin: “I heard about the flower swap yesterday. I'm so glad I'm going to change my flowers. I brought the flowers I had and exchanged them with the ones I liked, thank you.”

Varol Dessert: “This practice is an expression of sensitivity towards nature. I had my flowers taken care of and they were very beautiful. A heartfelt thank you to those who contributed.”

Selma Atas: “I have violets and tomatoes at home. As soon as I saw the flowers, I was intrigued. I'm happy to be able to bring my flowers at home here and exchange them. The app has been great.”

Yusuf Ercan: “Reviving and replacing withered flowers is really well thought out.”

Gizem Poyraz: “It is a very good application. We saw other plants up close and got information on how to grow them. The project has been very successful.”

Binnur Celebi: “This is the first time I have witnessed such a practice. I was shocked when I heard it was free. I have bad flowers at home, I will bring them and take a new one. I hope all the houses are filled with colorful flowers.”

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