The Second Elder's Club in the Capital Ankara was put into service in Altınpark

Altinpark Elders' Tavern in Baskent Ankara was put into service
'Altinpark Elderly People's Club' Opened in Capital Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) opened the 'Altınpark Elderly People's Club', which will enable the elderly to engage in social activities, spend their free time and spend their life actively.

ABB bureaucrats, heads of departments, general managers and many citizens attended the opening of the center, which is the second old people's club after Elmadağ Elderly Club in the capital Ankara.

Citizens showed great interest in the opening

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Altınpark Elderly Club, ABB Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu said, “The opening of this restaurant, as an example of the understanding of Mansur Yavaş municipality, that puts people first, takes service to people as an example, and keeps it away from concrete and everything related to concrete, has an important meaning to this series of services. has added. It has been a great honor for us to enable our elderly citizens of Ankara to spend time in such a beautiful environment during this period of their lives. I would like to thank all of you, our esteemed bureaucrats, who gave this opportunity to our municipality, to the municipality of Mansur Yavaş.” made a statement.

Adnan Tatlısu, Head of Social Services Department, said, “As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, we have opened Altınpark Elders' Club. We will serve here with the slogan 'Neither age nor disability, life is beautiful together'. We are waiting for all our guests between 10.00:22.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.” he said.

There are many social activities in the local

In the local; There are many social activities, from reading books and newspapers to backgammon, chess, table tennis and word games, from seminar and movie watching hall to expert consultation services, from group work to sports activities, from information and assistance on technological issues to hobby and course rooms. In the local where there will be free tea and coffee services; 1 unit supervisor, 2 elderly service support personnel, 3 cleaning personnel, 2 kitchen personnel are working.

It was stated that citizens who want to become a member of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Altındağ Elderly Club should go to the club and register in person, and the members whose registration is completed will be given a card belonging to the center and only those who have this card can benefit from the local.

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  1. May I know what is the age limit and fee required to become a member of Altınpark Seniors Club?