Restaurants Federation Prepares to Boycott Online Food Ordering Systems

Restaurants Federation Prepares to Boycott Online Food Ordering Systems
Restaurants Federation Prepares to Boycott Online Food Ordering Systems

In the statement made by Chairman Sayit Karabağlı, it was stated, "If the online food ordering systems do not revise the exorbitant commissions they receive, we, as the Turkish Federation of Restaurants, Kebabs, Pastries and Desserts, will shut down the systems in our 100 thousand member businesses," the statement said.

Sayit Karabağlı, Chairman of the Turkish Restaurant, Kebab, Pastry and Confectionary Federation, issued a statement to inform the public. In the statement, “The food and beverage sector, which has been battered for a long time like 2 years due to the pandemic, is now helpless to cope with inflation. There is also blood loss due to the shrinking markets. Business closures are on the rise, and those trying to stay afloat are getting into debt. If the online food ordering systems do not revise the high commissions they apply as we wish, more than one hundred thousand member businesses affiliated to our 81 chambers of tradesmen in 104 provinces within the body of our Federation will decide to boycott across the country.

“Retail trade and market laws should be enacted urgently”

Pointing out that the tradesmen organization, which is the dynamo of the society, should be protected and protected, Sayit Karabağlı said, “Although the duties of the state, such as VAT reduction, credit support, tax exemption in some professions that are on the verge of disappearing, have been partially implemented, the measures taken are insufficient. We need fundamental solutions. It is imperative that solutions such as the immediate enactment of retail and market laws, the inclusion of our shopkeepers in the regulations on housing rent increases, the reduction or removal of rent withholding taxes, or the removal from the owner, should be put into effect immediately. Making workplace evacuations more difficult should be included in the retail trade law,” he said.

“Daily opening fees should be reduced to 6% without additional charge”

Sayit Karabağlı, President of Turkish Restaurants, Kebab Shops, Pastry Shops and Confectioners' Federation, said that in the regulation no. The commissions of online food ordering systems, which create a burden on the food and beverage industry and exploit tradesmen with their high rates ranging from 6% to 2016%, are required by law and as in meal cards; service fee, promotional advertising fee, wildcard applications, daily opening fees, etc. should be reduced to 29793% without additional fees.

“They are marketing our customers to us”

Sayit Karabağlı said that online food ordering systems work with international chain restaurants with a commission of 4% to 5% and that companies advertise on national televisions and in the print media, Sayit Karabağlı said, “Online food ordering systems make the system attractive by giving bonuses and discounts to users thanks to the high commissions it receives from the sector. is directing. This situation draws businesses helplessly into the system. When the 18% commission paid because of these systems that market our customers to us is reflected to the consumer with the cost calculation, it causes unnecessary exorbitant prices, disrupts the supply-demand balance and causes inflation in food.

“They make 2-3 times more profit than the tradesmen”

Pointing out that online food ordering systems apply extra commissions through the online payment systems they have created, that they deduct their receivables in advance and make payments to workplaces in 15 to 30-day periods, Sayit Karabağlı, President of the Turkish Restaurants, Kebab Shops, Pastry Shops and Desserts Federation, continued his words as follows: : “These companies that show commissions of 10% or less in their contracts; It carries its commissions to the band of 18% to 20% by making additional fees such as service fee, promotional advertising fee, weekly wildcard discounts, opening and closing fees. The system, which makes 2-3 times the profit of our tradesmen, has become so profitable and attractive that international companies are multiplying by entering into the system one by one.”

“We solved the problem of access to sugar”

Sayit Karabağlı, emphasizing that if the commissions are not drawn to the desired rates, will decide to boycott more than 100 thousand establishments affiliated to the Restaurants Federation throughout the country, Sayit Karabağlı said, “In this period we live in extraordinary conditions, we have started studies to establish consumption cooperatives in a way to relieve our member businesses affiliated to our Federation and to supply bulk products under appropriate conditions. . TÜRK-ŞEKER A.Ş., in order to eliminate the problems of our dessert and pastry makers in accessing sugar. In accordance with the agreement we made with our company, we started to supply sugar to our members at factory sales prices. This etc. In order to diversify our initiatives, we took initiatives to procure basic products such as sugar, flour, oil and meat from state-owned production facilities or the private sector. We would like to announce the good news that we will get results in a short time. I believe that we will overcome everything in a short time by working with determination and diligence in this period when we are going through a bottleneck.”

“Opening social facilities to the public creates unfair competition”

Sayit Karabağlı, Chairman of the Turkish Restaurant, Kebab, Pastry and Dessert Federation, said that social facilities are another problem and concluded his words as follows: “Some municipalities and public institutions open their social facilities to the public as well as their own personnel. These initiatives, which create unfair competition and disrupt the market balance, also put our tradesmen in trouble. Again, some municipalities opened city restaurants outside the social facilities and started to serve throughout the city. It is necessary to take precautions in the face of this sad and thought-provoking situation that causes the victimization of our tradesmen.”

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