'Blue Flag' Begins to Wave at Iznik İnciraltı Public Beach for the First Time in Bursa

'Blue Flag Begins to Wave on Iznik Inciralti Public Beach for the First Time in Bursa
'Blue Flag' Begins to Wave at Iznik İnciraltı Public Beach for the First Time in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has started to reap the fruits of its investments in the beaches in Bursa, which has a total of 277 kilometers of sea and lake shoreline. Thanks to these works, the 'Blue Flag', which is a high quality indicator, started to fluctuate in Iznik İnciraltı Public Beach for the first time in Bursa.

In order to highlight Bursa's coastal city identity, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented important arrangement works on the 115 kilometers of sea coast on the borders of Mudanya, Gemlik and Karacabey and on the 162 kilometers of lake shores in Iznik and Uluabat, has achieved an important success regarding the beaches. The Metropolitan Municipality, which routinely cleans 24 hectares of hard ground and 25 hectares of sand on 135 public beaches this year, with 30 administrative staff, 30 cleaning personnel and a fleet of 76 vehicles, has registered its service quality with the 'Blue Flag'. The Metropolitan Municipality, which applied to the Environmental Education Foundation of Turkey in order to receive the Blue Flag for Lake Iznik, fulfilled 33 different criteria from water quality to cleanliness and life safety, from disabled access opportunities to changing cabins and showers. Iznik İnciraltı Public Beach, Bursa's first Blue Bayraklı right to be a beach kazanwas. The Blue Flag started to fluctuate in the skies of Iznik with the ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Iznik District Governor Recai Karal, Iznik Mayor Kağan Mehmet Usta and Turkish Environmental Education Foundation North Aegean Provinces Coordinator Doğan Karataş.

Brand areas

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that in addition to being a city of history, tourism, industry and agriculture, Bursa also has a coastline of its own with its 277-kilometer coastline. Expressing that there is no other Metropolitan Municipality that has such a coast to the coast and does such an intensive work with such a team, Mayor Aktaş said, “There are certain data to be a brand. To be a trademark, you must have registered domains. Previously, we applied to the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation on this issue. We have fulfilled 33 separate and important criteria and deserve to receive the blue flag award, which is an indicator of high quality. kazansteep. With our sustainable environmental investments, we wish to receive the Blue Flag not only for our İnciraltı Beach, but also for all our beaches. We see the Blue Flag as a symbol. We have to look at the event not in the short term, but in the longer term in order to make this paradise city even more beautiful. I wish him luck and success," he said.

Hard to get, easy to lose

Doğan Karataş, the North Aegean Provinces Coordinator of the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation, who has been responsible for the Blue Flag organization in Turkey since 1993, said that the Blue Flag is one of the most well-known eco-labels in the world. Noting that Turkey ranks 531rd in the world after Spain and Greece with its 3 Blue Flags, Karataş said that the Blue Flag contributes not only to the healthy and safe use of the beaches, but also to the development of a sustainable environmental awareness. Emphasizing that Bursa has the Blue Flag for the first time in its history and that İznik is the second lake to have this flag after Lake Van, Karataş said, “I would like to express my gratitude to our Metropolitan Mayor and his team, who made this flag fly here today. Blue Flag is very difficult to get but very easy to lose. what matters kazanIt is to protect this flag. In our opinion, the biggest responsibility for the protection of this flag belongs to the beach user. For this reason, we entrust our flag to our beach users, people, people of Iznik and Bursa, and we hope that our flag will fly proudly for many years.

Mayor of Iznik, Kagan Mehmet Usta, also gave the Blue Flag to Iznik. kazanHe thanked President Aktaş for his work on the issue.

After the speeches, the Blue Flag, which was brought from the lake by the lifeguard boat, was hoisted together with the President Aktaş and the protocol members.

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