TEKNOFEST in the Black Sea with DHMI Domestic and National Systems

TEKNOFEST in the Black Sea with DHMI Domestic and National Systems
TEKNOFEST in the Black Sea with DHMI Domestic and National Systems

Aviation, space and technology festival Teknofest started in Samsun. Organized with the vision of the National Technology Move and the goal of a technology-developing Turkey, Teknofest will be held at Samsun Çarşamba Airport between 30 August and 4 September 2022.

In the festival that will bring technology enthusiasts together, DHMİ will exhibit the projects and systems it has developed with domestic and national resources at the stand opened under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and our General Manager Hüseyin Keskin, visited our stand, where technology lovers showed great interest, and met with the visitors. sohbet He.


Having a say in global aviation, DHMI provides financial savings while reducing foreign dependency with the projects and systems it has developed entirely with domestic and national resources. The systems and projects we exhibited at TEKNOFEST 2022 as DHMI are as follows:


The National Surveillance Radar (MGR), Turkey's first domestic radar system to be used in civil aviation, is on display at Teknofest 2022. The field acceptance work of the radar system, which was installed at Gaziantep Airport, has been completed. National Surveillance Radar (MGR), which is the first domestic and national PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar) system of our country, was developed with the cooperation of DHMI and TÜBİTAK with completely domestic and national resources. The system will be used in air traffic control services.


Another system DHMI exhibited at the festival is the Air Traffic Controller Training Simulator. The software of the Air Traffic Controller Training Simulator was developed entirely with domestic and national means. In the simulator; Air traffic control trainings are given at all levels, especially tower, approach and road control basic trainings. The simulator meets all training requirements from beginner to advanced training. Field and approach training can be provided, including emergency training. Integrated tower and radar scenarios provide comprehensive training. It has a user-friendly graphical interface. Up to 360° realistic 3D airport visual tower system available. It has 3D binocular simulation capability. Realistic aircraft and vehicle behavior in line with BADA (Base of Aircraft Data) is displayed. EUROCONTROL complies with ICAO rules and international standards.


Developed in partnership with DHMİ and TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM, the FODRAD system prevents accidents caused by foreign matter damage. FODRAD is a mm-wave radar system that detects foreign material residues (Foreign Object Debris-FOD) on the runway at airports and warns the operator, real-time display of the location of the debris on the runway and the camera image. System development work has been completed and installed at Antalya Airport. The radar also draws attention with its design that meets the FAA (AC150/5220-24 Advisory Circular) recommendation criteria.


Another technological product exhibited at the festival is the Bird Detection Radar (KUŞRAD), which is of great importance in terms of flight safety. Radar was developed with domestic facilities in order to obtain information about bird and bird flocks, to determine the migration routes of migratory birds, to increase situational awareness in the optimum use of airspace by obtaining statistical data in critical areas of airports affiliated to DHMI. The radar, which was installed at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2017, is successfully serving.


The source codes and infrastructure of the DHMI Education Management System exhibited at the festival were developed entirely within the body of DHMI. Online and video trainings can be organized through the system. In addition, it is possible to monitor and plan the trainings that the personnel has attended before and the upcoming trainings, detailed reports of the trainings, and the attendance status of the participants. The software, which is built on a modular system, has the capabilities to meet the different needs of the organization at any time. In addition, the results of the exams attended by our personnel are announced in the system, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, via the result disclosure module of the promotion and title change exams in the system.


My Flight Guide mobile application; It can be downloaded for free on mobile devices from Android and IOS application markets. Thanks to the application, users can access all the details about their flights with a single touch before starting their journey, and plan and track all their journeys. The mobile application, which also offers fast and free internet access within the borders of the airport, serves airline passengers with its user-friendly screens.


Flight Information System (FIDS) was developed with the resources of DHMI Information Technologies Department. The system displays the landing/departure information (delay status, cancellation status, estimated arrival time, etc.) of all flights at the airports via screens. It directs passengers, greeters and ground services accurately and on time. Offering multi-language support, the system has a user-friendly interface (web-based).

With the system, seasonal flight records can be created. It allows the display of advertisements, promotions and information, videos, pictures and slides. It enables all of the flight information monitors to be watched over the system. The system, which has role-based user authorization, enables the creation of a weekly schedule for each monitor. It allows choosing different layouts for monitor types.


The Flight Track application can be accessed via the browser, either integrated with the My Flight Guide mobile application or independently. By displaying all commercial and transit flights in Turkish airspace live on the map, it enables users to follow live flights in the air and all information about the flight in detail.

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