Attention to Factors Affecting Oral and Dental Health!

Attention to Factors Affecting Oral and Dental Health
Attention to Factors Affecting Oral and Dental Health!

Dentince Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic director Dentist Deniz İnce gave important information about the subject.

Dental Health and Mental Health Linked

It is not possible to separate oral and dental health from general physiological and psychological health. Chronic toothache, swollen and abscess formation observed gums, bad breath, deterioration in the color and structure of the teeth can cause a person to lose self-confidence, isolate from social life and have a negative effect on mental health. Therefore, psychological health also has an impact on dental health. has.

Oral and Dental Health Has Deep Effects

Dentist Deniz İnce stated that oral and dental health is not only related to nutrition: “Our oral and dental health also shapes our behaviors in the communication process. Conditions such as yellowed, structurally crooked teeth, decayed or missing teeth, and bad breath, which can occur for many different reasons, can lead to avoidance of socialization. We know that structural dental disorders can trigger aesthetic concerns, as well as situations that can be experienced by disrupting oral and dental care. As a matter of fact, many demands have been received for smile aesthetic treatments both from our country and abroad in recent years. Istanbul, where we apply smile aesthetic treatments Kadıköy In our based clinic, procedures such as teeth whitening, pink aesthetics, implants, orthodontic treatment are frequently performed. It is true that we focus on aesthetic concerns within the scope of smile aesthetics, but this treatment also has a functional quality. For example, we may need to apply implant treatment within the scope of smile aesthetics in a patient who cannot chew food ideally due to a lack of teeth, cannot make sounds during speech and at the same time refrains from laughing. In some of our patients, we can only get effective results with teeth whitening treatments. We aim to contribute to both physical and psychological health with all the treatments we plan specifically for the patient.” said.

Not to Say Toothache

There may be many different reasons behind toothache. Toothache can be an early sign of problems related to oral and dental health, as well as significantly reducing the quality of life of the person and negatively affecting mental health. However, toothache should be taken into account, the main reason for this is that it can be among the early symptoms of problems related to oral and dental health. Toothache may be experienced due to cavities in the teeth, bacterial infections, broken or cracked teeth, gum infection or chronic clenching problem. Due to its cause, toothache is a problem that reduces the quality of life and can prevent the person from fulfilling the requirements of daily life. Waiting for it to go away on its own is not the right approach. Intensification of pain can make it impossible to sleep and disrupt routines.

Oral and Dental Health May Be the Result of Psychological Problems

Dentist Deniz İnce stated that problems in oral and dental health have effects on mental health, but the opposite of this situation is also possible: “It is known that personal care processes tend to be neglected when psychologically challenging times are passed. Unfortunately, the same statement applies to oral and dental health. Neglecting regular maintenance processes is not the only effect. We often encounter bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, in patients experiencing intense stress and anxiety. Teeth grinding, which causes the erosion of tooth enamel and causes symptoms such as toothache, neck and jaw pain, in addition to crack formation in the teeth, can affect a person's quality of life and health in the medium and long term. It is possible to minimize the effects of this problem with personalized transparent plaques. For this reason, it is important for patients to care about the symptoms they experience and apply to their dentists.” he ended his speech.

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